Ghislaine Maxwell Awaits Charges in Brooklyn

Ghislaine Maxwell is a current resident of a Brooklyn jail cell where she remains in solitary confinement. Meanwhile, federal prosecutors are building a case against Maxwell and others for their roles in Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking and child abuse.

Prosecutors are currently in the process of handing over documentation detailing their evidence against Maxwell. Maxwell’s lawyers are hoping to use this information to battle several civil suits that have been filed against Maxwell after Epstein’s apparent suicide.

The U.S. Attorney’s office issued a statement that the investigation into Maxwell is ongoing and that others may also face charges. They do not intend to make that information public (yet). This seems to indicate that there are more people who will be charged in connection with Epstein’s crimes.

Defense Moves to Suppress Deposition

Maxwell’s defense team earlier filed a motion to suppress a deposition during which Maxwell gave apparently damaging information to a civil attorney. During this deposition, Maxwell’s attorneys claimed that she revealed personal information about her life that could be damning in a criminal trial. They’re hoping they can suppress the deposition to prevent it from becoming a part of the official record. This would mean that jurors wouldn’t hear the deposition nor would they be able to base their decision on the deposition.

Maxwell Complains About Jail

Maxwell has filed several complaints against the Brooklyn jail. She says that she is being treated unfairly. Not only won’t they allow her a chair and desk in her cell, like other prisoners, but they won’t allow her to go to the commissary either.

She also claims that the jail was dressing psychologists and psychiatrists as prison guards to keep an eye on her. It was recently announced, separately, that Maxwell was the first person in NYC jails allowed an in-person meeting with her lawyer since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Feds are Playing Their Cards Close to Their Chests

The process of discovery is one of the most important for a trial. It gives the defendant an opportunity to raise a defense that specifically addresses the charges filed by the government. When prosecutors are suspicious about handing this information over to defense counsel, it could mean a lot of different things.

In this case, it’s probably exactly what the feds are saying. They are trying to build a case, not only against Maxwell but others who were involved in sex trafficking and the exploitation of minors.

It could also mean that there are elements of their case that they don’t want to openly make public until they’ve secured testimony or better evidence to move forward.

Hopefully, the victims of Epstein will take some solace in trying the woman who helped Epstein commit his awful crimes.

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