Felony Crimes

West Palm Beach Felony Defense Attorney

Facing felony charges in West Palm Beach can be an incredibly daunting and stressful experience, and the consequences of a conviction can be severe and long-lasting. It's essential to take prompt action to protect your rights and future. 

You can navigate the legal process with greater ease with the help of a seasoned felony defense attorney. At The Skier Law Firm, P.A., our felony defense lawyers can investigate the allegations against you, challenge evidence the prosecution presents, and develop a robust defense strategy. We can negotiate with the prosecutors to mitigate the severity of the charges or penalties and represent you in court to ensure your rights are protected throughout the process.

Contact The Skier Law Firm, P.A. at (561) 820-1508 to get the legal guidance you need to build your defense and fight against felony charges in West Palm Beach. 

Our West Palm Beach felony defense attorneys will work tirelessly to help you take control of your future and work towards a positive outcome in your case.

Felony Types

In West Palm Beach, Florida, committing a felony offense is very serious. The consequences for these criminal acts can be severe, ranging from a minimum of a year behind bars to the ultimate death penalty. Some examples of these crimes include:

  • Murder: The unlawful killing of another person with malice or premeditation.
  • Manslaughter: The unlawful killing of another person without malice but with intent or through negligence.
  • Rape: Nonconsensual sexual interaction with another individual.
  • Burglary: Unauthorized entry into a building or dwelling with the intent to commit a crime.
  • Robbery: The act of forcibly appropriating someone else's property.
  • Arson: The deliberate and malevolent setting of fire to a building.
  • Drug offenses: The production, dissemination, or holding of regulated substances.
  • Grand theft: Stealing items or cash exceeding $300 in value.
  • White-collar crimes: Non-violent crimes committed in a commercial or business setting, such as embezzlement, fraud, and money laundering.

Remember, the seriousness and details of a crime can differ significantly based on the circumstances and the location in which it was committed. This highlights the need for a thorough and well-rounded approach to seeking justice.  

  • Attempted Second Degree Murder State vs Mckenley Dismissed
  • Burglary With A Battery State vs. Santos Not Guilty
  • DUI (3rd) State vs. Williams Not Guilty
  • First Degree Murder

    State vs. Bruny

    Not Guilty
  • First Degree Murder State vs. Duncan Dismissed
  • “I can confidently recommend him to anyone who might be in need of his services.”

Defense Strategies for Felonies

The defense strategy used in a criminal case depends on the unique facts of the case and the nature of the charges. Some general approaches that might be used in defense of various types of felonies include:

  1. For Murder and Homicide: We may be able to argue that the defendant acted in self-defense, in defense of others, or lacked the intent to kill.
  2. For Assault and Battery: The defendant's innocence is shown by their arguments of self-defense, accidental contact, and lack of evidence, which create doubt in the allegations made against them.
  3. For Burglary: The defendant didn't mean to break the law, and the prosecution doesn't have enough proof. 
  4. For Drug Offenses: The defense team works to protect the defendant's rights by challenging the evidence presented by the prosecution, including questioning the legality of the drugs and how the police obtained them.
  5. For White-Collar Crimes: The prosecution lacks sufficient evidence to prove criminal activity beyond a reasonable doubt, and the defense claims that the defendant didn't intend to break the law but followed the advice of experts.

It's important to note that these are general strategies and may not apply in every case. An experienced felony defense lawyer in West Palm Beach can assess the specific facts of your case and determine the most appropriate defense strategy.

The Skier Law Firm, P.A.: Defending Felony Charges in West Palm Beach

The Skier Law Firm, P.A. can provide strategic defense against felony charges, offering:  

  1. Extensive knowledge and experience: Our attorneys have extensive knowledge and experience handling criminal cases, including a deep understanding of the local court system, prosecutors, and judges. We leverage our knowledge to navigate the legal process with confidence while providing you with clarity and understanding of your felony case.
  2. Protection of your rights: We are committed to protecting your constitutional rights. We ensure that law enforcement officials and prosecutors do not violate your rights during the investigation or trial, helping to minimize your exposure to unfair legal practices.
  3. Guidance and advice: We can provide you with guidance and advice throughout the legal process, from negotiating plea deals to preparing for trial. We will help you understand the charges against you, the potential penalties, and the options available, ensuring you have the information you need to make informed decisions.
  4. Investigation and evidence: Our West Palm Beach felony defense lawyers can comprehensively investigate the charges against you, including interviewing witnesses and reviewing evidence. We challenge the admissibility of evidence in court and work to have any illegally obtained evidence thrown out. 
  5. Mitigation and sentencing: If you are found guilty or decide to accept a plea deal, we can work to mitigate the penalties you may face. We can argue for reduced charges or a more lenient sentence. 

Don't face felony charges alone. Call The Skier Law Firm, P.A. at (561) 820-1508 or contact us online to connect with our experienced West Palm Beach felony defense attorney today for the protection and guidance you need.

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