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Defense Against Sexual Battery Allegations

Sexual battery, often called rape, involves sexual conduct without the other person's capacity or affirmative consent. In Florida, such an act is regarded with utmost severity, typically resulting in felony charges.

The Skier Law Firm, P.A., is a criminal defense firm whose attorneys have over two decades of combined experience defending those accused of serious crimes. Our West Palm Beach sexual battery lawyers understand the emotional turmoil accompanying such charges and employ a considerate yet assertive approach to legal counsel. We guide our clients through each stage of their case, providing clarity and reassurance amidst the complexities of the legal system.

We are dedicated to upholding our clients' rights and providing aggressive representation. Our lawyers have defended individuals faced with a variety of intricate charges. We challenge allegations with fervor by leveraging our wealth of knowledge and robust legal acumen.

Act promptly if you or a loved one is facing a serious accusation. Contact our West Palm Beach rape defense attorneys at (561) 820-1508 for a consultation.

What Is Considered Sexual Battery?

Sexual battery, as defined under Florida Statutes § 794.011, denotes an offense committed by an individual who engages in nonconsensual sexual penetration. This could involve penetration of another person's mouth, anus, or vagina using their own or another person's sex organ. Unlawful intrusion may also apply to nonconsensual vaginal penetration with a foreign object.

The statute delineates various circumstances under which an offense is committed—a notable example being a person aged 18 or older who perpetrates or attempts to perpetrate sexual battery on a minor under 12 years, resulting in injury to the minor's sexual organs.

Another instance includes committing sexual battery:

  • On an individual physically or mentally incapable of resisting,
  • By administering an intoxicating substance without the person's knowledge, or
  • By employing force or threats to coerce compliance.

Regardless of the specific circumstances, sexual battery is a felony. Depending on the acts involved, charges can range from a third-degree felony to a capital felony.

The penalties upon conviction are severe, with potential prison sentences ranging from a maximum of 5 years to a death sentence. Fines can also be imposed, varying from $5,000 to $15,000, contingent on the degree of the charge.

Given the profound implications of these accusations, it is essential to seek immediate legal assistance. A West Palm Beach sexual battery lawyer can navigate the intricacies of the justice system, protecting the accused's rights and providing a robust defense strategy.

Reach Out to an Attorney Now

When faced with allegations of sexual battery, reaching out to an attorney is crucial. The significance lies in preserving the rights of the individuals accused. This step helps those charged receive proper legal representation, essential for safeguarding their rights, ensuring due process, and fair treatment throughout the legal proceedings.

At The Skier Law Firm, P.A., we understand that sexual battery cases are sensitive and challenging, often involving complex legal nuances. Our experienced lawyers are to providing comprehensive support and defense.

To speak with a member of our team, please reach out by phone at (561) 820-1508 or online.

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    State vs. Bruny

    Not Guilty
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  • Burglary With A Battery State vs. Santos Not Guilty
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