Police Charge 28-Year-Old in Super 8 Homicide

After Denecia Seward was found shot to death in a Super 8 motel room, police now believe they’ve found the man who killed her. Two days after her body was found, police put an image of Andre Ramirez up with his vehicle and license plate displayed. People who were Facebook friends with Ramirez condemned the murder and pleaded with him to turn himself in.

Now, nearly a month later, no one has heard from Ramirez and police continue to search for the fugitive.

Arrest Warrant Issued

The police issued an arrest warrant for Ramirez at the same time they released his information online. They are urging anyone with information to call so that Ramirez can be brought to justice. He is facing one count of second-degree murder with a firearm.

Seward, who has four children, was found by another guest of the motel. The door to her room was left open. Police say that Seward suffered one gunshot wound to the neck, but they found several spent shell casings in her room.

The police have yet to issue any cause for the shooting but indicated that exchange between Seward and Ramirez dating from March of 2019 appeared to indicate that they were romantically involved, at least until June of 2019.

A Crime of Passion?

Police are likely thinking that this was a lover’s quarrel that turned deadly. Ramirez has no arrests to his name prior to this incident. There was, however, an incident in which Ramirez was fingered by two women who said he’d robbed them with a gun. Ramirez also reported that he himself had been robbed after he left Chicago for West Palm Beach.

Seward worked as an exotic dancer and, thus far, police have no other suspects in the case. Because Ramirez ran and refused to turn himself in, they will stop looking at other possibilities.

If this was a crime of passion, it is not unusual for perpetrators of such crimes to end their own life afterward. So Ramirez may never be found and one possibility is that he is already dead. If he’s not dead, then a friend or family member may be harboring him, or he may have gone off the grid.

One thing that’s not working in Ramirez’s favor is the fact that several of his friends believe, without knowing, that he did, in fact, commit this crime. That suggests that they believed that he was, at least, capable of murdering a former lover. In one case, someone associated with him on Facebook asked, “Did they find his <expletive> yet?”

Police are offering a $3,000 reward for information leading to Ramirez’s capture.

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