Drug Deal Turns Into Robbery and Shooting

A marijuana deal turned into a robbery and shooting, Palm Beach police say. Two brothers and their father confronted a gunman at their Boynton Beach home. Twenty-year-old Navarri Matthew is charged with attempted murder after putting two rounds into Hugh Geribon. He also faces charges of aggravated battery with a firearm, aggravated assault with a firearm, and armed robbery.

Two of the three Geribons were shot in the altercation. Hugh Geribon, the father, and David Geribon, one of the brothers. They were treated at Delray Medical Center. PBSO officers say that Matthew confessed to shooting the two men.

Matthew Was Trying to Score Some Weed

Matthew was attempting to purchase weed from one of the brothers, Joshua Geribon, who told detectives he had known Matthew for about five months and had sold him weed on several occasions. Matthew made a large order, and the two men agreed to meet at the Geribon family home.

According to Joshua Geribon, he and Matthew headed into his bedroom where Geribon gave Matthew the weed. Geribon then went to respond to a text message on his phone. It was then that Geribon heard the sound of a bullet being chambered. He turned around and found Matthew pointing a gun at him. Matthew demanded that Geribon give him “everything”. Geribon told Matthew to take whatever he wanted and leave. Matthew directed Geribon out of the bedroom at gunpoint, when the father, Hugh Geribon, reacted to what was happening.

At this point, Matthew fired at Hugh Geribon hitting him twice, once in the shoulder, and once in the leg. David Geribon, who heard the gunshots, then ran out of his own room to confront Matthew. He found Matthew pointing the gun at his brother. A struggle ensued and David was hit once in the leg. Matthew said that he would kill everyone if the men did not let him go.

During the altercation, Matthew lost his gun to Joshua who fired one shot into his back window as Matthew sped off. He told police that he was afraid Matthew had another gun in his vehicle.

There is no indication that Palm Beach police will charge the three men for selling marijuana out of their home, but like so many other small businesses right now, theirs looks unlikely to survive the pandemic. In cases like these, sometimes the police will allow perpetrators off the hook if they sustained extreme trauma. Perhaps the police are hoping that the Geribons learned their lesson and won’t be selling marijuana any longer.

As for Matthew, he is facing enough charges to land himself in prison. Florida charges attempted murder as the same level offense as premeditated first-degree murder. In other words, attempted murder alone is enough to get a life sentence.

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