Oath Keepers Among Groups Indicted for Capitol Riot

Four more Oath Keepers, members of a right-wing political advocacy group, have been indicted for their involvement with the Capitol riots. Three of the individuals named in the indictment are Floridians. They appeared before magistrates in Tampa, West Palm Beach, and Orlando. The men are accused of interfering with the process of confirming a new president. Ultimately, five deaths were linked to the attack.

The four named in the indictment were wearing tactical vests, combat uniforms, and helmets while they pushed their way through the Capitol doors and forced entry into Congress while they were ensuring the peaceful passage of power from one president to the next.

The new arrests are part of a broader conspiracy prosecution. Nineteen members of the Oath Keepers have been previously charged. Thus far, none have pleaded guilty to any crime.

The case against the Oath Keepers

The federal government believes the Oath Keepers played a pivotal role in the Capitol blitz that left five dead. According to authorities, Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes described the incident as an insurrection. At one point, Rhodes allegedly said that the Oath Keepers would be posted outside of D.C. awaiting the President’s commands. They had some notion that President Trump was going to declare an insurrection to retake the government from the voters.

Who are the Oath Keepers?

There are a rising number of right-wing militias across the United States that characterize the federal government as a totalitarian regime overpowering the states. They would prefer a neo-confederacy of states as opposed to a federation. The difference is subtle. A neo-confederacy would have a much weaker federal government than a confederacy. Confederacies either have very small federal governments or none at all.

The Oath Keepers recruit former military and law enforcement officers to join their ranks. The Oath that they are keeping is the one defending the Constitution from all threats (foreign and domestic). The rhetoric is polemical in nature. The federal government, liberals, mainstream Republicans, and whoever else are enemies of the U.S. Constitution, and the current system of governance is an affront to the Founders.

Rhodes has not been charged. However, he told supporters that he might go to prison soon, not for any real crimes, of course, but for made-up crimes. One made-up crime that Rhodes is likely to face charges for is inciting a riot. The state claims that they have documents or witness testimony that says that Rhodes planned to keep Trump in office by force if necessary.

Intent, however, could matter in this prosecution. If you were under the delusion that the American people were being robbed of their voice and vote, you might yourself be angry enough to partake in the Capitol riot. However, a powerful personality directing members to attack Congress would be grounds for a criminal prosecution of insurrection, inciting a riot, and treason.

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