Casey Anthony Calls Police on Arch-Nemesis

Casey Anthony is a very interesting woman. Perhaps that’s why every time she does anything in plain view of the public there is a news article about it. Anthony was recently involved in an altercation with a woman who she described as her “arch-nemesis” after the two dated the same man at the same time. Anthony said her arch-nemesis used to be her friend. Anthony also said that the woman poured a drink on her while the two were frequenting the same bar. Anthony called police to report the incident but declined to press charges or pursue a restraining order. She told police she merely wanted the incident documented.

Is it illegal to throw a drink on someone?

Kind of. While there is no Florida statute that literally addressed the throwing of a liquid beverage onto another party, the crime could be charged as simple battery. More often, however, it results in a disorderly conduct charge, a small fine, and an admonition by the judge to avoid future idiocy in public. That’s if the charges go anywhere.

The police don’t necessarily want to concern themselves with petty bar fights that don’t result in injury. It’s best not to call them at all. If they do show up, they generally take both parties to jail and let them sleep it off in a drunk tank. Then they’ll charge them with disorderly conduct or any of a number of other crimes that you would never hear about in the news unless it happened to someone famous.

But yes. Throwing a drink on someone can be charged as criminal destruction of property, battery, or any of a number of other crimes that involve either forcibly engaging with another party or harming something that belongs to them.

Why document the event?

Anthony, interestingly, said she called the police because she wanted documentation of the event on record. Why? Well, creating a timeline of each incident would help if she actually wanted to file charges against the drink-pourer or if something worse were to happen down the road. A timeline of the incidents could be used to form the foundation of a restraining order argument.

Anthony, also interestingly, opened up a private investigation firm in West Palm Beach recently. While she is not a registered PI, she does have one on staff and she has been living with this person for some time. The investigator is Patrick McKenna who was the lead investigator on Anthony’s murder trial. So, she may really know what she’s doing or at least has people around her who could be of use in legal squabbles such as the exchange of alcoholic beverages to the face.

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