Three Indicted After Uploading Child Pornography to Cloud Service

The online cloud and syncing service, Dropbox, reported to authorities that a user had uploaded 66 files containing child pornography. Police investigated the uploads and found that they met the criteria for a crime. Three men and several others with access to the account were arrested in connection with the illegal pornography. The images and videos often involved infants and toddlers because sexually exploited by adults.

The investigation continued into the users and eventually, authorities were able to turn up 500 GB of illegal pornography from various accounts. Some of the videos contained scenes of children being tortured. The Dropbox accounts were later linked to a Paypal account that had the actual name of one of the defendants. The defendant was arrested at his place of work.

Evidence was recovered from the Dropbox account and a personal laptop. The defendant stated that he wasn’t sure how the evidence got there other than the fact that he used the Kik messenger app years ago. He claimed he hadn’t looked at any child pornography recently and while the account did belong to him, he hadn’t used it in years. When police mentioned the fact that the Dropbox account was paid for through 2021, he told them he wasn’t sure how that happened.

However, further evidence showed that at least one of the victims had been victimized multiple times by the defendant. In this case, it appears that the defendants or someone associated with them had placed video recording devices in the girl’s shower. The pictures were in a folder titled under the girl’s middle name. However, the girl has since retained an attorney who is a partner at the law firm of the defendant’s attorney and it appears she will not cooperate with the police.

Attorneys for the main defendant maintain that his account was hacked. Victims are being told that the defendant’s accounts were hacked. However, it appears hard to believe that a hacking defense will actually work in this case.

Hacking defenses and illegal pornography

In this case, the pornography was heavily organized and showed pictures of girls that the defendant knew. The defendant is being accused of setting up video cameras in personal areas to acquire nude photos of underage women. Attorneys for the defendant are reaching out to victims and telling them that the account was hacked. As a result, the victims appear not to be cooperating with the police.

The pornography appears to be a collection of material that was downloaded off of the Kik messenger app and more that was self-created through illegal voyeurism. More videos were found on the suspect’s phone. Police also found credit card numbers linked to the Dropbox account.

The defendant is facing 90 counts of possessing and manufacturing child pornography.

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