Criminal Defense Attorney Charged With Cocaine Trafficking to Prison

I regret to inform to whom it may concern that among the services we perform, cocaine trafficking to our clients on the inside is not something we do. The reason should be clear. In order to help those who have been charged with crimes by the state, we must actually be in good standing with the law. That means no drug smuggling, even for criminal defense attorneys. This is a lesson that one criminal defense attorney has the unfortunate luck of learning first-hand.

Now, the criminal defense attorney is in need of a criminal defense attorney after he was charged with three felonies: Trafficking cocaine, delivering cocaine and introducing contraband into a county facility. According to authorities, the attorney was “smuggling documents that looked like legal documents that were saturated in cocaine.”

While police believe this is a major conspiracy being carried out by criminal defense attorneys who are helping clients smuggle drugs into the prisons, documents are passed between individuals all the time. There is a strong possibility that the attorney had no idea the documents contained contraband. Lawyers are tasked with passing notes between family and friends to those on the inside. So, we may not necessarily know a document is “saturated in cocaine” when it’s handed to us.

It’s also still true that the majority of individuals who smuggle drugs into federal prisons remain employees of the prison itself. While these employees are breaking the law, they have no great love for criminal defense attorneys, not at least, until they need one.

Analyzing the prosecution

Authorities are not tipping their hand other than to announce charges against the lawyer, likely as a deterrent to other lawyers who might try to sneak contraband into the jail. To be sure, we make enough money performing risk-free services for those charged with crimes. We don’t risk our liberty or careers to help folks smuggle drugs into a federal facility. If we do, we end up with our clients and out of a job. So the risk/reward for drug smuggling is low on the reward side, especially when you earn as much as an attorney. We earn quite a lot more money than prison guards.

It will be very easy for the defense to contend that the documents were handed to the defendant who then brought them to the prison without knowing what they were. Since each of these crimes require that an individual knowingly broke the law or knowingly intended to break the law, that would be a strong defense to the charges.

In other words, finding the document on the lawyer is not enough to prove to traffic. They must prove that the lawyer knew what the document was and was part of a conspiracy to traffic drugs. Chances are good that the lawyer was only caught because someone tipped off guards. Lawyers are not thoroughly searched when visiting clients in prison.

Talk to a West Palm Beach Criminal Defense Attorney

If you need drugs smuggled into prison, please do not call us. If you need a West Palm Beach criminal defense attorney who will provide you with a strong defense, call The Skier Law Firm, P.A. soon and we can begin preparing your defense immediately.


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