Police Nab Career Thief Wanted in Several States

Police have caught up with a career thief who was wanted in six states for theft. Authorities say that they found the defendant in possession of at least $250,000 in stolen property including vehicles, trailers, a boat, and a hauler. They also found several household items that they believe were also stolen in various burglaries. The defendant was wanted for stealing thousands of dollars worth of diesel gas from various gas stations.

At this point, the defendant is facing 6 counts of bringing stolen property into the state and another 6 counts of receiving stolen property. However, that number could increase as police found more vehicles that they believe may be stolen. The household items found in the defendant’s possession could link back to burglaries committed here in Florida or other states.

The police are reaching out to potential victims. This case is ongoing and prosecutors are likely to tack on charges where the evidence leads them back to specific thefts. The problem for the defendant is that he is facing a long litany of criminal charges that would get exponentially worse if he is charged and convicted of burglary.

Analyzing the charges

Possession and transportation of stolen property are considered second-degree felonies in Florida. If convicted, he could face 15 years on each count. That’s 90 years just for being in possession of the property. It’s another 90 years for bringing the property into Florida from out of state.

So, with 180 years of charges hanging over his head, an additional charge of burglary could put in the life imprisonment range on the very lowest end of the sentencing severity. Burglary is also considered a second-degree felony. If the police can prove that a gun was used, then burglary is considered a first-degree felony.

Analyzing the outcome

The police found a guy who they believe makes his living on stealing the property of others. He was wanted in several states for theft, burglary, stealing gas, and more. He was found in possession of the stolen property in Florida. Right now, the only charges he’s facing are those filed against him by Florida authorities.

Now that he is in custody, these other states will also move to file charges against him. While he is unlikely to end up with a life sentence in supermax, he will spend decades in prison for these crimes. It will be hard for him to muster any type of defense that reduces his guilt in these matters having been on law enforcement’s radar for years. It is likely that multiple states will want a shot at prosecuting him even after he is convicted in Florida.

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