Police Refuse to Press Charges After Mother’s Complaint of Sexual Assault

Police have refused to press charges against a young man who was implicated in a sexual assault by the mother of an alleged victim. The girl had gone to a party in a gated community where she and a boy began kissing in the bathroom. The boy placed the girl’s hand on his genitals and she became uncomfortable. The matter closed when someone knocked on the door. The boy later left the party and the girl stayed the night.

The mother of the girl called the police to report a sexual assault against her daughter. After interviewing the daughter, the police found that no crime had been committed. The age of the boy is unknown, but it is believed that he is either 18 or 20. The age of the girl is unknown. If the boy knew that the girl was at least 2 years younger than him and under the age of 18, then he could have been charged with assault against a minor, a charge that would have placed him on the sex offender registry for life.

Why is this not sexual assault?

There was no forcible coercion in this case. The girl was kissing the boy in the bathroom and then the boy went further than the girl wanted. The situation was interrupted, but the boy did not pursue the girl further. He left the party and the girl remained the night.

In encounters like these, a boy can misunderstand the intentions of a girl or the girl may not want to go beyond kissing. If the girl does not want to go beyond kissing, expresses her desire not to go further, and the boy continues to force himself on the girl, then you have the element of coercion necessary to pursue a sexual assault charge against the boy. In this case, it may not be entirely clear what happened in the bathroom, but the police did not find cause to charge the boy with a sex crime. They did, however, investigate the matter at the request of the girl’s mother.

The police stated that they will not charge the mother for filing a false police report. Accusations of sexual violence can get heated on both sides. When the parents of a boy who is falsely accused catch wind of the matter, they may want to pressure police to charge the caller with filing a false police report. However, just because police don’t find cause to pursue the matter, it doesn’t mean that the caller didn’t believe that there could have been a legitimate crime committed. This is especially true with parents who are reporting sexual violence against their children.

So, at the end of the day, no one was charged with a crime even though the matter was investigated by police.

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