Wife of Man Who Bragged Police Would Never Find Body Found in Backyard

Some people are just so puffed up that they think they can do anything and get away with it. As an example, one man told police that they would never find his wife’s body, ostensibly, because he’d hid it too well. However, police later found the body in his own backyard. One would suspect that of all the places to hide a body, your own backyard would be among the least successful to fool the police. After a search was conducted of the man’s home, he told police, “At least you didn’t find a body.” A week later, police excavated his wife from the backyard.

What Happened?

This convoluted tale begins with 66-year-old Robert Colon offering to marry Mary Stella Gomez-Mulett, 44, so that she could receive her citizenship. Gomez-Mulett took care of Colon’s mother as an in-home aide. However, Colon was upset that Gomez-Mulett had “defrauded” his mother, a memory care patient, out of thousands of dollars.

Gomez-Mulett was on her way to “drop off” a Toyota, a purse, and other items that she had allegedly defrauded from Colon’s mother. Gomez-Mulett was on the phone as she pulled up to the home. The person on the other line recalls Gomez-Mulett saying, “No, no, no, Roberto!” The call then disconnected and subsequent attempts to contact Gomez-Mulett went straight to voicemail.

Police were later alerted when someone called them concerning a bloody purse. The purse was found about a mile from Colon’s house and contained documents showing that it belonged to Gomez-Mulett and that she lived with Colon’s mother.

After tracing the purse back to Colon, police searched Colon’s apartment and found bloodstains on the door. Colon told police the blood was his and he cut himself when he installed it. Police also found blood in his garage that Colon said belonged to his dog. But lab tests revealed that the blood was human.

Eventually, the body of his wife was found in his backyard after Colon taunted police that they would never find the body. He is facing first-degree murder charges, a capital offense under Florida law.

Assessing His Defense

Colon is without pity or mercy and doesn’t care if he spends the rest of his life in jail since he figures that will only be a decade or so. It appears even that he’s trying to get himself arrested or infuriate police to the point of retaliation. He mocks their efforts and then puts minimal effort into hiding his crime. He left a bloody purse a mile away from his home that was able to identify a potential victim.

As such, his defense is to plead guilty and hope that the prosecution takes the death penalty off the table, assuming that’s what he wants.

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