Law Enforcement Reaching Out to Victims of Pedophile

Palm Beach Police are reaching out to anyone who may have had contact with Javier Del Sol. The 66-year-old Del Sol was arrested earlier this week on charges of child molestation. One woman says that she was arrested by Del Sol when she was only seven years old.

Del Sol, like many sexual predators, took jobs that gave him easy access to children. One of those jobs was at the Guatemalan Maya Center. Police are asking former victims of Del Sol to step forward as they investigate the crimes against him. They are also reaching out to anyone who has information concerning Del Sol’s inappropriate behavior around children.

The Guatemalan Maya Center issued a statement that Del Sol was never an employee of the organization, but merely a volunteer. This is likely damage control since they created a situation where a pedophile had easy access to a victim pool. The Maya Center said that a background check was performed on Del Sol, but it came back clean.

The Trajectory of This Prosecution

Right now, detectives are in investigation mode. They want to ensure that anyone who wants to have a voice at Del Sol’s trial is afforded the opportunity. Each individual molestation can be charged as a separate crime. It is likely that Del Sol has been molesting children for decades and getting away with it. It is much more difficult to get away with child molestation today than it has been in the past. DNA evidence and fervent commitment to preventing these crimes has made it more difficult for pedophiles like Del Sol to go for years without getting caught.

We don’t know anything about the victim, which is how the law works. However, we have reason to believe based on the text of the article that the victim is now a fully-grown woman who had contact with Del Sol as a 7-year-old child. In other words, the incident probably occurred at least a decade ago. In situations like this, it isn’t uncommon for the victim to cross paths with the abuser year later and then be reminded of the assault.

Why Don’t Children Come Forward?

Pedophiles use fear to prevent children from coming forward concerning their crimes. The pedophile instinctually can sense what the child is afraid of and they use this to manipulate them. Most pedophiles recognize that children are afraid of angering or disappointing their parents, so they lead the child to believe that the molestation is punishment for their behavior and that if they tell anyone, anyone will know what a bad person they are. The child, in fear of repercussions from parents and social shame, never talks about the event. And so the pedophile can go free. These types of “corrective rape” scenarios are often the source of “institutional rape” lawsuits. It is part of the reason why priests, boy scout leaders, and coaches were allowed to move from one place to another despite allegations. The other reason is that these entities sought to protect themselves from the loss of reputation. In so doing, they facilitated the rapes of many more children.

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