Florida Man Faces Charges Related to Capitol Blitz

A Florida man who was a part of the mob that disrupted the electoral count will face federal charges related to violent entry, knowing accessing a restricted area, and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds. Anthony Mariotto was turned in by a concerned citizen who submitted an online tip to the FBI’s National Threat Operations Center. The tipster was a friend of Mariotto’s on social media. This individual reported seeing Mariotto post photos from inside the Capitol on his Facebook page. Mariotto recently deleted his Facebook account, but the citizen had taken screenshots.

Mariotto reportedly took a photo of himself inside the Capitol with the caption, “I’m in And there are just a few This is our house.” The tipster also stated that he or she had seen at least four videos of Mariotto inside the Capitol.

Failure to Maintain Intact Reality Testing

One of the biggest issues that federal investigators are having, while they try to piece together the events of that day, is that the culprits don’t appear to understand the gravity of what they’ve done. Instead, they thought that they were a part of one of the most significant displays of political disobedience in American history. They were the ones who were going to prevent a fraudulently elected president from holding office. They were the heroes, the patriots, the good guys.

Unfortunately, committing to a delusion is not a defense to the above crimes. It’s not insanity to believe something that isn’t true. It is, however, insanity to believe that you are doing the morally just thing when what you’re doing represents a clear and present danger to the values of American democracy. Pretending it was all a big joke is likewise not a defense. So now the government and federal prosecutors are in the position of trying to drive home just how serious these crimes are. If convicted on all three counts, Mariotto could spend the next year in federal prison. It is unclear, however, whether the government wants to throw the book at the defendants in this case or not.

What Happens in Cases Like These?

In a situation like this, it is common for the prosecution to offer a structured plea arrangement that offers deals based on certain tiers of offense. The most serious charges related to the Capitol blitz will be sedition, terrorism, and attempting a coup. Those who were simply taking pictures and thought the whole thing was a big joke will likely be offered some plea arrangement that ensures they understand that they’ve committed a crime.

An effort must be made to identify the ring leaders, determine what the aims of the individual rioters were, and how the situation went from an ostensibly peaceful protest to an insurgency. Prosecutors will likely establish one person as a figurehead on which to place the harshest sentence, a kind of scapegoat. Logistically, a real discussion must be made to determine how conspiracy-related crimes are prosecuted in the future.

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