“Pillow Bandit” Facing Burglary Charges

Fifty-seven-year-old Joshua Levine is facing a litany of charges related to his business. Police say that Levine offered to help elderly people move items they wanted to sell off for money. Levine would ostensibly help with this process for a commission, however, police say he used his business as a ruse to case the homes of his clientele and rob them of their valuables.

Levine will face six counts of grand theft, six counts of dealing in stolen property, one count for every burglary the police can prove he committed, and charges related to the possession of burglary tools.

Police say Levine set up a string of burglaries that began in 2017 and ended with his arrest in February of 2020. Police are also investigating Levine in connection to a number of other burglaries that were committed in Boca Raton and Delray Beach over the same period.

Who is the Defendant?

Police say that Levine is the manager and registered agent of two LLCs entitled Circle of Life, Senior Services and Estate Liquidation, and Circle of Life Estate Liquidation. Levine used a West Palm Beach auction gallery to sell both legitimately acquired and stolen merchandise.

Levine was caught when one woman recognized her own jewelry for sale in Levine’s possession. Further investigation revealed that the jewelry was sold under the name of a customer that Levine had a business relationship with. Levine targeted at least six other homes for burglaries. He became a suspect when police identified his white Jaguar at the scene of one burglary. Surveillance video from a neighbor’s security camera identified Levine at the scene. A security guard also identified Levine as a person who was attempting to gain access to a community using expired credentials. Levine was denied entry but was able to access the community by following another resident in.

Levine served a significant prison sentence related to other burglaries. He was released in 2014 after serving a total of 20 years. The Florida Department of Corrections has records that show that Levine was convicted of a total of 19 burglaries and faced 7 convictions for grand theft. He will have a much more difficult time convincing a judge to go easy on him after serving two decades on the same charges. Chances are good that Levine will not see the outside of a prison cell again in his life. Each count of burglary is considered a third-degree felony punishable by a maximum of five years in prison. Add to that the grand theft charges and fencing stolen property, and you have a criminal conspiracy that exploits the elderly for personal gain. He could face up to 35 years based on the burglary charges alone.

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