Nineteen-Year-Old Faces Murder and Rape Charges

A nineteen-year-old West Palm Beach resident is facing second-degree murder charges in the death of a 17-year-old boy. The shooting occurred nearly two years ago, but Anthony Oliver Jr. and charges were filed as early as May, but Oliver was serving a sentence related to weapons charges and robbery until last month. The judge ordered Oliver held while he faces charges related to the murder of 17-year-old Malik Rasheed Williams and a gang rape of a 13-year-old girl.

The judge ordered Oliver remained jailed without the possibility of bond.

Gun Used to Kill Williams Was Stolen

Oliver has been in custody since a week after the shooting occurred on a probation violation. Police questioned Oliver about a robbery that occurred while he was in custody during which the gun used to shoot Williams was stolen.

At first, Oliver didn’t say anything, but then apparently, he told police the following, which will surely destroy any defense he could have mounted.

Oliver allegedly told authorities that he and another assailant waited for Williams with guns. He told police that the other assailant to get out in front of his own murder by taking out Williams first. Oliver told police that he intentionally jammed his gun so that it looked like he was trying to shoot Williams while actually not firing a fatal shot. Police confirmed finding a live bullet at the scene.

While this seems like it could be used as a defense, Oliver was involved in the situation and the other man, whose name is being redacted by police, fired several rounds into the victim. That individual was using the same gun that Oliver had stolen days earlier in a robbery.

The Robbery

According to another man who owned the gun used in the killing, a relative showed up with a friend who asked him if he owned a gun. The man told him that he did, along with a concealed carry permit, but then Oliver and someone else showed up asking if they could use the bathroom. Oliver barged into the man’s house and stole his gun. Oliver pleaded guilty to robbery and illegally possessing the weapon and was sentenced to three years.

Analyzing the Charges

Authorities have chosen to charge Oliver with second-degree murder, but they could easily charge him with felony murder which would be equivalent to first-degree murder. They may be choosing not to do that because Oliver cooperated with police when he divulged the plot to murder Williams. Nonetheless, if someone dies during an armed attack that you facilitated, felony murder isn’t off the table. Given Oliver’s criminal history, he may be facing a life sentence anyway.

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