Charges Dropped Against Iranian With Knives

Legal permanent resident, Masoud Yarieilzoleh, was caught by West Palm Beach police carrying several knives on him. Yarieilzoleh entered a pre-trial diversion agreement after being charged with possession of a concealed weapon. If completed successfully, this would clear the concealed weapon charge and protect his immigration status.

Since Yarieilzoleh is not a full citizen, certain charges can be used against him in immigration court to rescind his right to live in the U.S. as a foreign national. The terms of the agreement are fairly simple. He must pay a $100 fine to cover the cost of prosecution and not be caught with any weapons on his person in the future.

What Happened?

On January 10th, Palm Beach officers were called to investigate a man who had fallen asleep on a gazebo at Bradley Park. Upon confronting the man, the officers noticed that he was sleeping on a machete and had several other knives with him.

Police were initially concerned that Yarieilzoleh, who is an Iranian national, was considering committing some sort of crime with the weapons. His address was listed as Seattle, Washington. Palm Beach P.D. worked with federal authorities on the case.

In addition to the weapons, Yarieilzoleh had $22,000 in cash on him and left a car parked at Palm Beach International Airport.

Since the incident occurred only four miles from Mar-a-Lago, there were concerns that Yarieilzoleh may be attempting to attack President Trump after the recent flare-up between Iran and the United States.

This is just one of several incidents involving Mar-a-Lago where police intervened to prevent someone from accessing Mar-a-Lago.

Florida Knife Laws

Florida knife laws are difficult to navigate. There’s very little limit on what you can own, but what you can carry concealed is heavily restricted. For instance, you can open carry almost any knife so long as it is visible to others. However, you cannot conceal carry any knife with a blade of more than 4 inches and the knife is in a closed position. Even if the blade is less than four inches, a determination must be made as to whether or not the knife is a “common pocket knife”. Under Florida’s definition, this may exclude some knives that have multiple features. A second determination seeks to define how the knife is used and handled. Knives used for the purpose of stabbing people, for instance, are worse than knives that are used for other purposes.

In addition to these restrictions, there is a wholesale ban on “ballistic” knives that propel blades through the air and into victims. They are illegal to possess, manufacture, or sell.

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