Man Arrested in Connection With Triple Shooting

A drive-by shooting that “got the city’s attention” now has its first suspect. A Riviera Beach man has been arrested in connection with a shooting that left two men injured and killed another. He is believed to have two other co-conspirators who have neither been named nor arrested.

The shooting then prompted local officials to crack down on the area. Alan Mark Asbury III, 21, has been charged with the murder of David Patrick Goodman, Jr. A judge has ordered Asbury held without bond.

Asbury has an interesting criminal history. He has been arrested and charged with four felonies over the past three years. He was charged with attempted murder but was acquitted for that crime. Asbury has six total criminal incidents dating back to when he was still a minor.

Three Others Implicated in the Shooting

The three other men who police say were co-conspirators in the drive-by shooting are as yet unnamed by police, but it is supposed that police have three men in mind. They simply haven’t been arrested yet. Since Asbury is facing life in prison without the possibility of parole as a minimum (and quite possibly the death penalty if convicted) the police will attempt to lean on him for as much information as they can possibly get. This will include evidence against the other three men involved in the shooting.

What Happened?

The shooting occurred around 2 p.m. in the afternoon. Deputies found the three men shot in the backyard of a home in Lake Worth Beach. Goodman had been shot several times in the face and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Days after the shooting occurred, local authorities began to crack down on the neighborhood which is notorious for violent crime. It is still unclear why these individual men were targeted, but the investigation is ongoing.

However, the case may be more difficult to prove than it appears. Drive-by shootings rely on evidence such as guns used in the shooting, eyewitness reports, and gunpowder residue, and circumstantial evidence. Witnesses said they saw the men dressed in dark clothing with their faces covered with bandanas that resembled the Haitian flag. Eye witness testimony is generally not reliable in a drive-by shooting case, so police will rely on finding evidence of the weapons used in the shooting to link these men to the crime. IDing the vehicle they used will also be helpful.

Circumstantial evidence can be very useful when determining a motive for the crime. For instance, if it was known that the men who committed the shooting had some kind of beef with the men who were shot, that could provide the most compelling evidence against Asbury and the other shooters. Chances are, however, since only one of the four has been arrested, they’re leaning on Asbury to provide information about the others.

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