Police Will Not File Charges Against Parents Whose Son Took Car

You’ve probably heard this already in your news feed. A five-year-old boy took his parents’ vehicle so that he could drive to California and buy a Lamborghini. The boy made it about two miles before being stopped by Utah highway patrol. But the district attorney says that there is no evidence of neglect. So the parents will not face charges for the incident, which is a good thing.

The five-year-old made national headlines after the story was revealed. According to the parents, the boy and his mother had an argument after the boy’s mother refused to buy him a Lamborghini. The child then took the keys to his parents’ SUV and proceeded to go get one himself. He had about $3 in his pocket.

The boy’s parents say that he is being punished for the theft of the family vehicle, but the state will not charge him with auto theft. The parents also have arranged to allow the boy to meet a Lamborghini owner and get a ride in the ultra-luxury vehicle.

Should Adrian Get a Ride in a Lamborghini?

We have to apologize. With all this quarantining happening right now, crime news is at a premium. Typically, we scour the news looking for major or interesting cases and provide them as content on this blog. But this is still the most interesting thing that’s happened in quite some time. So here we go.

The parents faced criticism on social media after other parents say they rewarded their son’s bad behavior by allowing him to meet with a Lamborghini owner. Now, there is a debate concerning what the parents should do to punish their son. Of course, it’s nobody’s business but their own, but people will talk about popular stories in the news. Since we’re defense attorneys here, we will be arguing for why the boy should still get to get a ride in the Lamborghini.

At five, it’s hard to argue that a child understands the consequences of his actions. For instance, it seemed perfectly logical to this child to drive his parents’ SUV to California with $3 in his pocket to go buy one for himself. This, of course, puts himself and other drivers in danger and the boy, of course, needs to know that and face some consequences. That being said, the Lamborghini was so important to him that he did something drastic to go get one. Now, the boy will have a chance to ride in a Lamborghini. Once he’s had that experience, he may or may not still maintain his obsession with the Italian sports car. In other words, it’s basically all he can think about. Once he’s had a chance to experience the vehicle himself, he may not have the same single-minded desire for one.

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