Former Wide Receiver Antonio Brown Pleads No Contest in Florida

A wide receiver once known for running pristine routs and toasting cornerbacks is now in the headlines again for all the wrong reasons. Last year punctuated Brown’s meteoric fall from grace after he was accused of rape by his former trainer. A second woman accused Brown of acting inappropriately toward her after she painted a mural in his home. Brown threatened the woman and was later released by the Patriots for the misconduct.

Since then, Brown has been out of football and it’s unclear if any team wants to touch him given the circus that he brings with him. This latest fiasco won’t help his chances of reinstatement.

What Happened?

Brown pleaded no contest to charges of burglary with battery, burglary of an unoccupied conveyance, and criminal mischief. According to police, an altercation broke out between Brown and the driver of a moving truck overpayment. The altercation resulted in Brown striking the man, breaking into his truck, and causing property damage.

Burglary charges are generally associated with home break-ins, but you can also burglarize a vehicle, a shed, a storage space, or any other place that human beings generally go inside. In this case, Brown was accused of burglarizing the moving vehicle.

Of these crimes, burglary with battery is considered the most severe. It is a first-degree felony under the law and punishable by up to 30 years behind bars. Brown will serve two years of probation, undergo a psychological evaluation, attend an anger management course, and perform 100 hours of community service.

Brown’s attorney said that the altercation arose over a misunderstanding concerning payments and that it should have been handled as a civil dispute.

This is the latest in Brown’s erratic behavior which has already cost him his career as an NFL superstar. There has been speculation that Brown is the latest victim of the NFL’s concussion problem and his behavior is attributable to chronic traumatic encephalopathy which is known to cause behavior problems, cognitive decline, and impulse control issues. If this is the case with Brown, it would not be surprising.

Brown Will be Force to Undergo a Psychiatric Evaluation

As part of the plea arrangement, Brown will be forced to undergo psychiatric evaluation. The damage caused by CTE can be seen and studied if the individual who is experiencing the problems is willing to have themselves tested. If evidence comes back that Brown truly does have significant brain damage from his time in the NFL, it will flip the script on the story of another entitled athlete who believes they can do as they please. Instead, it will become the tragedy of a talented man who can no longer function as an adult in human society.

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