Grubhub Driver Threatens Burger King With Ashtray

An incensed Grubhub driver was arrested in Tampa after he picked up a large ashtray and began swinging it at a Burger King employee, police say. According to police, the Grubhub driver lost his cool after the Burger King order was not done quickly enough. Forty-three-year-old Daniel Dellelis of Clearwater will face two counts of simple battery.

What Happened?

Witnesses say that Dellelis walked into Burger King to pick up an order for delivery. Delellis became upset when the order wasn’t completed by the time he was ready to deliver it. Delellis walked outside and picked up a large plastic ashtray—one of the ones with large stands that allow customers to deposit their cigarettes into before they walk into Burger King. Witnesses say that the ashtray was about 3 ft. tall. Delellis then swung the ashtray at the front doors of the Burger King. When a Burger King employee came out to confront Delellis and told him to leave, Delellis hit him in the face with his hand. The report says that Delellis swung the ashtray at another employee, hitting him in the chest.

After the police were called, Delellis was arrested and bail was set at $1,000. Delellis has been charged with two counts of simple battery and will probably not be retained as a driver by Grubhub.

Simple Battery Charges in Florida

Simple battery (also known as misdemeanor battery) is defined under Florida Statutes Section 783.03. It occurs when someone either touches another person against their will or intentionally attempts to cause them bodily harm. In this case, it seems apparent under the weight of witness statements and likely video surveillance that Delillis will be convicted of both counts.

Delellis appears to have a serious anger management problem. He is also facing charges for a road rage incident in which he cut off another driver and struck the bumper of their car. After pulling over, Delillis then proceeded to jump up and down on the hood of the other driver’s car causing extra damage. The incident caused about $500 worth of damage.

After this, Delellis reportedly attacked an Uber Eats driver who was sitting in her car in a parking lot. Delellis began pounding on her car and attempted to prevent the woman from rolling her windows up. As the woman tried to leave the parking lot, Delellis got back into his own car and attempted to prevent the woman from leaving the parking lot. It was then that Delellis got out of his car and began throwing rocks at the other driver.

Delellis also faces traffic violations related to 15 other incidents. If Delellis is extremely lucky, the court will rule that he suffers from a severe incapacity to control his anger and order him into treatment in order to rectify the situation. However, a judge may be inclined to sentence him to jail time for his problems.

Talk to a West Palm Beach Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have an undiagnosed anger management problem and cannot refrain from assaulting others or destroying their property, call a West Palm Beach criminal attorney at the Skier Law Firm today. We can ensure that you are given a fair chance to make amends for your past misdeeds and ensure the court that it won’t happen again.


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