Georgia Man Arrested in $660,000 Theft Scheme

A Georgia man has been arrested in a scheme to defraud a West Palm Beach man of over $600,000. Randy Leon Jackson is now the resident of a Palm Beach jail where he faces six counts of fraudulent use of another person’s information (identity theft) and one count of conspiracy to commit fraud.

Jackson is one of three men arrested for the plot that relieved a Palm Beach man of $660,000. A second man, Robert Dedeaux, pleaded guilty to the fraudulent use of another’s personal identification, money laundering, and credit card fraud. His sentence will be delayed until Jackson and a third co-conspirator have been tried. There is a fourth co-conspirator, according to police, but as of yet, there is no word on who he is. Two of the men came from Georgia and a third was a native of Chicago.

Randy Leon Jackson was a Bank of America Employee

Jackson worked at Bank of America in 2018 where he gained access to the victim’s bank account. With the help of his accomplices, he withdrew $160,000 from the victim’s account and transferred another $400,000 to a dummy account. The police say that Jackson attempted to withdraw another $100,000. But the scheme was more complex than that.

Police say that the conspirators created two limited liability companies using the man’s personal information in Georgia. These companies were then used to establish the fraudulent Bank of America accounts. Phone records show that Jackson sent the victim’s bank account information over instant message through his phone. Jackson and an unidentified woman used an ATM to conduct the transfer.

Not only was this a very clumsy attempt to steal money from a bank account, but the amount of money stolen will impact the conspirator’s prison sentences. Much will depend on whether the defendants are charged under state or federal statutes. Since the money transfer involves multiple states, it’s distinctly possible that the conspirators will be charged under federal law. This is where things go from bad to worse. Since federal laws tend to come with mandatory minimum sentences, they could be facing significant prison time in federal prison.

Organized fraud (which this was) of more than $50,000 is punishable by up to 30 years in prison, 30 years probation, and up to $10,000 in fines. The conspirators would also be required to make restitution to the complainant in this case. These individuals have been charged with six counts of fraudulent use of another person’s personal information which is considered a third-degree felony. However, since they defrauded the defendant of over $600,000, there is a mandatory 10 year sentence. In other words, they could be facing 60 years in prison for this scheme.

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