Skier Law Firm Client Testimonial – Steven A.

The last thing you ever want, is to receive a frantic call from your 18 year old son, 1500 miles away stating that he was being accused of a serious crime by another student from the university he had attended for 3 months.

Immediately after that call I made inquiries of attorneys that could help us, Scott Skier was a name given to me by three different attorneys in CT. The next day I called Scott who answered his phone directly and in minutes had grasped my sons situation and took us from feeling chaos to a workable plan. Within 24 hours of my sons call he was represented by Scott.

Scott is beyond amazing, he somehow was able answer every question and concern we had and was able to bring us through a simple process in efforts to collect all the necessary time lines and details needed to help us determine next steps and his plan of action.

Scott was fantastic with my son and was on call for any questions or thoughts he had. He was kind caring and very empathetic which was so important to me. He quickly sorted through all the information and had witness statements within days of his involvement, His expertise and knowledge of the law is spectacular but his relationships’ character and reputation with the courts, local authorities and with other attorneys is what makes him better than 95% of his peers.

Dealing with Scott was a pleasure. The charges against my son were totally fabricated and were false. Scott was able to work the system prior to any involvement from the university or the authorities. No charges were ever presented and he never even had to speak with anyone besides Scott.

I have worked with all types of attorneys and I would tell you very specifically and directly that Scott Skier is an exemplary attorney and just an all around great guy and family man.

If your in hot water call this Guy he is totally in your corner. I would recommend him highly and if i ever pursue a life of crime, I’m coming to West Palm Beach to do it…

Thanks Scott
Steven A.

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