Will Antonio Brown Face Criminal Charges for Florida Rape?

The hammer is still falling on Antonio Brown, even after he was released by the Patriots earlier this week. The embattled pro-bowl receiver faced allegations that he, on three separate occasions, conducted himself less than professionally with a business partner. The third instance, she says, was a forcible rape committed in Florida.

The Timeline According to the Plaintiff

  • Antonio Brown attempts to kiss then-trainer Brittany Taylor. Taylor says she isn’t into it and they continue their business relationship.
  • Antonio Brown masturbates on Taylor while she is watching a pastor give a speech on her. Taylor responds by cutting contact with Brown and Brown sends her a vulgar text message admitting to the incident (which he says was consensual).
  • Antonio Brown approaches Taylor, apologizes for the incident, and convinces Taylor to give him another chance.
  • Antonio Brown is with Taylor and other people when he rapes her in Florida.
  • About a year later, Taylor files a civil lawsuit against Brown.

Taylor did not press criminal charges against Brown and instead approached him with an attorney of her own demanding settlement money in a civil lawsuit. Brown allowed the deal to expire and Taylor took her accusations public.

A Second Allegation

After Taylor went public, a second woman who was contracted to paint a mural for Brown told Sports Illustrated that Brown was involved in an inappropriate action. Brown allegedly approached the woman nude with a washcloth over his penis and began making small talk with the woman. The woman brushed it off and ignored Brown after which Brown cut off all contact with her and failed to make payment on services rendered.

After the allegation surfaced, Brown CC’d his own attorney on vaguely threatening messages he sent to the artist that included images of her children despite his attorney advising him not to contact the woman. Brown was subsequently released from the Patriots and his status with the NFL remains in doubt.

Brown Won’t Face Criminal Charges in Pittsburgh

Two of the three alleged incidents occurred in Pittsburgh where authorities reported that the statute of limitations had run out on the allegations. However, the third count of rape, which occurred here in Florida, remains very much in play and the statute of limitations won’t necessarily apply. However, if police do pursue charges against Brown, that may stall Taylor’s civil suit while the criminal prosecution makes its way through the courts.

Police can still pursue charges, but their main piece of evidence will be Taylor’s word about what happened. They may be able to link Brown and Taylor to the same place at the same time, but Brown’s defense will be that the sex was consensual. Since the standard of proof in criminal court is higher than civil court, winning a criminal case is much more difficult. Even if Taylor wins, authorities may not press charges against Brown.

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