Charges Against Chris Brown Dropped in West Palm Beach

The State of Florida dropped a battery charge against legally beleaguered pop star Chris Brown. According to the charges, Brown punched an in-club photographer after the photographer was warned not to snap photos of Brown. An arrest warrant was issued for Brown who was picked up afterward in West Palm Beach.

After a thorough review of the evidence, the prosecutor concluded that Brown was wrongfully accused. However, this could be a case where Brown sent someone over to punch the photographer and the photographer attempted to pin it on Brown. In that case, criminal causality becomes much less clear. However, the potential for a civil trial remains more or less the same. However, because the photographer fingered Brown for the assault and not one of Brown’s security team, his credibility in this matter is more or less shot.

Brown Has Numerous Legal Issues

Of course, the most notable legal issue that Chris Brown has had involves another hit pop star, Rihanna. Brown was arrested after assaulting Rihanna in a domestic dispute that blew up on the music blogs and across social media. Brown accused Rihanna of attempting to kick him and said that he retaliated. However, Rihanna could be seen with two black eyes in pictures taken after the assault.

In Paris, Chris Brown was accused of raping a French woman. Gloria Allred filed a complaint on behalf of the alleged victim and accused Brown of “thumbing his nose” at the French legal system. Brown then turned around and filed a defamation lawsuit against the woman.

Brown is also facing a civil suit over a sexual assault that occurred at his home. The perpetrators were associates of Brown but since the assault took place on his property, the woman is suing him.

Today, Brown faces a number of issues booking shows abroad as foreign governments don’t want to bother with the hassle of having him in their country.

Battery by Proxy

If the prosecution could have shown that Brown ordered the attack on the photographer, the prosecution may have had a case against Brown. However, since the photographer was not forthcoming with the facts, the case against Brown was dropped entirely.

In instances like this, prosecutors don’t want to be bothered by complainants who are attempting to preserve the integrity of a civil trial. Their job is to prosecute crimes. However, it is a crime to order someone else to commit battery on another person, even if that person is doing something that you don’t want them to do, like taking your picture.

In order to pursue the case, the complainant would have needed to tell police that Brown sent or ordered his bodyguard to assault him. Typically, the prosecution will move forward with a believable witness. If the witness, however, intentionally misidentified the perpetrator, they will not move forward with the case. Why would they?

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