The Case of the Killer Clown

In May of 1990, Marlene Warren was shot in the face by a man dressed as a clown. The case went cold for nearly two decades. Now, police believe they’ve found new evidence that can help them close in on the killer.

This case is every bit as bizarre as it sounds. According to the best available evidence, the 30-year-old woman was cooking breakfast when her doorbell rang. A man dressed in a clown suit and holding balloons and flowers stood behind the door when she answered. When she reached to take the balloons and flowers, the clown shot her twice in the face.

It sounds like something out of a B-rated horror movie, but it was all the evidence that police had to go on aside from the fact that the killer clown drove a white Chrysler LeBaron. The police, however, had a suspect who they never arrested: Sheila Keen who later went on to marry Marlene Warren’s husband and became Sheila Warren. In 2014, the investigation was reopened casting further suspicion on the new wife who married Michael Warren in 2002. They were both now living in Tennessee where they had opened a restaurant together. However, Michael Warren has yet to be arrested and Sheila Keen has yet to be convicted. She has pleaded not-guilty to the charges.

The Car Could be the Key to the Case

The police have strong reason to believe that the murder weapon and the clown suit are both located inside a car that was found submerged below the surface of the Palm Beach County canal. However, the most damning piece of evidence comes from a deathbed confession. John Moran Sr. who worked with Michael Warren, told his son, John Moran Jr., that he knew what happened that day. He told his son that he knew where the car was, who had planned the attack, and where the gun that was used in the attack was.

Warren, meanwhile, had access to cars and was, in fact, arrested and convicted of grand theft auto and various forms of fraud such as rolling back the odometers on cars that he sold from his used car lot. After a stint in prison, Warren ended up marrying the woman who became a primary suspect in the murder. However, he has never been charged.

It also appears that the witness, Moran Jr., attempted to blackmail Michael Warren using the information. However, that did not appear to work. Phone records show that a burner phone spent over 200 minutes talking to Moran Jr. The burner was also used to contact defense attorneys for Sheila Keen. The information that Moran Jr. provided them, however, was enough to encourage them to go diving for the car. If that car ends up having a clown suit and a gun in it, it could spell doom for both Sheila Keen and Michael Warren.

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