Homeless Teen Charged with Bringing Pellet Gun to School

All charges were dropped against Drew Yarde after the high schooler was charged with bringing a pellet gun to school. Yarde said that he used it for his protection. He still attends school despite being homeless and despite the fact that he now has a criminal record for possession of a weapon on school property, but the young man hopes that he can find a job and perhaps enter the military or go to college once he is finished with high school.

The teen told authorities that he had the pellet gun in his possession for protection. His attorney fought to get the charges dropped citing the fact that Yarde had never shown any indication of threatening or aggressive behavior. The outcome can be considered a victory at a time when everyone is on high alert over school shootings that have terrified our nation and caused concern over gun rights in America.

The Police Had His Back

It was an instance of the police actually having the young man’s back. While there are growing tensions between police officers and the black community, it was a rare moment where the police stuck up for a young man who was living on the streets and needed a weapon to survive there. Yarde had recently run away from home though his family still keeps a picture of him on the wall. While the details of that are not clear at this time, Yarde is 19 years old and able to make that decision on his own. Everyone seemed to want to see Yarde succeed. By all accounts, he was a good kid.

His family did not find out about the charges until they saw their son on the news. According to Yarde’s father, Drew suffered from mental health problems ever since he was removed from his mother’s home in Georgia. Yarde was diagnosed with fetal alcohol syndrome and his mother was charged with having drugs in her system after giving birth to the boy. Yarde was born addicted to crack.

When Yarde Sr. took over the raising of Drew and his sister, they were aware that there could be behavioral and mental health problems. According to his father, both Drew and his sister have attempted to run away on multiple occasions. This seems to be in response to potential conflicts arising in their lives. Their father describes this as “fight or flight” syndrome.

Vita Nova

Vita Nova as an organization seeks to help teens with the sorts of difficulties that Drew struggles with. As its mission, the organization helps young adults transition into living on their own by providing them with housing, counseling, and education.

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