After Losing Kraft Lawsuit, Prosecutors Target Kraft’s Lawyers

Now that the criminal case against Robert Kraft is lost, prosecutors are targeting the attorneys who defended them. Prosecutors claim that Kraft’s attorneys, William Bruck and Alex Spiro attempted to “intimidate a witness” and lied. Bruck and Spiro actually used a tried and tested police strategy of telling the witness that they had evidence against him that they didn’t have. They claimed that they had the witness on tape “saying stupid shit” and threatening to make up a story in order to convict Kraft.

Of course, police are allowed to do this all the time. It’s assumed that, if a suspect didn’t do the crime they’re claiming that they have evidence for, then they wouldn’t believe the lie and would defend themselves. Of course, that didn’t happen in the case of the police officer, Scott Kimbark, who later claimed he was “threatened” by Kraft’s lawyers—the same officer who pulled Kraft over after he came out of the Orchids of Asia Day Spa.

Spiro and Bruck said that they had Kimbark on video saying that he would make up a story to cover for the fact that he didn’t have probable cause to pull Kraft over in the first place. Apparently, Kimbark believed them because he felt “intimidated to believe he had done something wrong.” Of course, if he hadn’t, why would he believe it? Right? That’s the same game that the police pull on suspects every day.

Judge Denies Motion to Hold Kraft’s Attorneys in Criminal Contempt

The prosecution attempted to file criminal contempt charges against Spiro and Bruck but the judge, once again, denied the motion and threw out the charges. The judge later told prosecutors that if they had some kind of a problem with what the defense attorneys did, they should take it up with their local bar association as opposed to dragging it through the courts.

After the evidence of the search was tossed, so too was the traffic stop that resulted in Kraft being turned over. In fact, all evidence subsequent to the search and evidence that resulted from the search was deemed inadmissible. Now, prosecutors are trying to do the next best thing: File charges against the attorneys who successfully argued that their case had no merit, was based on fraudulent information being provided to the judge to secure the warrant, and that the method of surveillance represented a major overstepping of their authority.

Of course, if you’re a defense attorney, this is exactly the situation you want to be in. Your job is to protect your client from the charges against them. If that means stepping into the line of fire, then so be it.

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