The State of Florida Executes Court Clerk’s Murderer

Which state has the largest death row population? The answer, contrary to what you might think, is California. California currently has 740 prisoners who are sitting on death row. As the most populous state, this makes a certain degree of sense. Florida comes in second with 353. If you think that Florida has more prisoners per capita, you’d be wrong there too. Population-wise, Florida is a little more than half the size of California which has nearly 40 million people. Florida has around 21 million. So even taken per capita, California has more prisoners on death row than any other state in the country—including Texas, which often takes all the blame for capital punishment.

On December 13th, Jose Antonio Jimenez was executed by the State of Florida for stabbing a 63-year-old woman to death in her own home during a burglary.

The Facts Against Jimenez

There aren’t many cases in which the evidence is more damning. Not only was there a witness who testified they saw Jimenez climbing out of the woman’s apartment, but Jimenez also left a fingerprint on the interior of her front door. Jimenez lived in the same building with the victim.

Despite this, Jimenez’s attorneys maintained his innocence throughout both his trial, his appeals, and his incarceration. They also argued against the administration of the drug used to execute death row inmates, claiming that one inmate had a bad reaction to it. The new drug, which induces unconsciousness before the others are administered, is believed to be more humane than its predecessor.

Jimenez was also convicted of another murder for which he was sentenced 17 years. Jimenez had a history of crack cocaine abuse. He did not have any last words.

Who Ends Up on Death Row?

Of the 353 murderers on death row, many of them have been convicted of multiple murders. In other cases, their murders were horrendous and black-hearted or depraved enough to warrant their placement there. In some cases, there are pathological serial killers who hunted others for sport. In other cases, there are men (and some women) who are guilty of committed self-interested crimes in which they showed a complete lack of humanity.

Betting with Your Life

Among those you will not find on death row are prisoners who were sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. These prisoners, who may have been facing capital punishment, elected to take a plea for life in prison. To do otherwise would have meant gambling their lives on a sympathetic jury.

In other cases, there are those whose crimes were not sickening, terrible, or numerous enough to warrant media coverage. They are in the majority.

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