Casey Anthony Cancels Deal for Reality T.V. Show

According to Casey Anthony’s twitter feed, she has canceled a lucrative reality T.V. show deal that would have followed her around. Why anyone would want to watch this is uncertain, but Anthony reported that she grew suspicious of the show’s producers who she believed wanted to trump up the past allegations her and portray her as a wild party girl and a flip-skirt.

Anthony was not having any of that. She declared that, although she was outgoing, she was much tamer than people gave her credit for being. Instead of doing the T.V. show, she announced plans to visit Scott Peterson, the man who was sentenced to death for killing his wife and her unborn son, and others who are “wrongly accused”.

Should Casey Anthony Visit Scott Peterson?

While many probably believe that Casey Anthony and Scott Peterson are a match made somewhere far south of heaven, the question remains: Was Scott Peterson wrongly convicted? Anthony has stated that she wants to visit those who were wrongly convicted of serious crimes in order to shed some light on their cases and offer them comfort somehow. Her crusade is beginning with the most notorious wife killer in recent memory.

Peterson currently sits on death row in San Quentin prison in California. His case garnered worldwide headlines after he made a lot of noise about Satanists in California randomly killing people. While California is a likely place for Satanists, no connection between Satanists and Laci Peterson was ever established. It was never clear why the Satanists chose to abduct and murder his pregnant wife.

Is Scott Peterson Innocent?

The Peterson case was almost as big as the O.J. Simpson trial. There were daily reports in newspapers and Court TV was broadcasting the trial. Much of the evidence against Peterson was circumstantial, but the prosecution succeeded in crafting a compelling narrative while Peterson’s high-profile attorney, Mark Geragos failed to chip away at the prosecution’s case.

The biggest problem for Geragos was his client. Peterson was not a sympathetic person with whom empathy was necessarily possible. He ran off his mouth in front of local news reporters and provided the prosecution with the majority of evidence against him.

Much of the rest of their case was provided by his mistress Amber Frey. Peterson had managed to convince Frey that he was another man entirely, but Frey turned the tables on Peterson and had begun recording their conversations.

The Peterson trial was the subject of a six-part A&E docuseries that re-examined the state’s case against Peterson. The prosecution never had a clear motive beyond the claim that Peterson didn’t want to be a father. They had no physical evidence leading to Peterson and they never determined exactly how Laci was killed. The entire case was built on circumstantial evidence and it succeeded because of how duplicitous and unlikable Scott Peterson came across at trial.

The docuseries uncovered evidence that the prosecution’s timeline was wrong and that Laci was alive the morning of Christmas Eve. They also presented a witness willing to say that Laci confronted two burglars who were breaking into area homes. Could they have done it? Could Casey Anthony be right?

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