Woman Accused of Leaving $5000 Tip with BF’s Credit Card

A woman from Buffalo left a waitress a $5,000 tip on her boyfriend’s credit card just to spite him. Twenty-four-year-old Serina Wolfe was allegedly upset that her boyfriend refused to pay for her return trip home after visiting him in Florida.

According to the complaint, the boyfriend put a hold on his credit card but later lifted it. Wolfe used it to pay for a meal after which she left the alleged $5000 tip on a $55 check. Wolfe was eating at the Clear Sky Beachside Cafe in Clearwater, Florida.

The boyfriend disputed the $5,055 charge on his credit card but the restaurant had already turned the tip over to the waitress. Management at the establishment has refused to say whether or not the tip will be honored. They did, however, indicate that tips are split between waitresses at the establishment.

Wolfe is Charged with Grand Theft

Wolfe initially denied leaving the tip but later confessed that she did. One question remains, however: Why was the credit card in her possession?

There is some indication that the boyfriend may have given her the credit card but would likely not have authorized a $5000 tip. In this case, the waters become that much muddier. Whether or not she is charged with grand theft, in this case, third-degree grand theft, will depend on whether or not the transaction is allowed to stand. If the transaction does stand, she can be charged with third-degree grand theft. If the transaction is voided, then she would be charged with wire fraud.

What is the Most Likely Outcome of These Charges

While what Wolfe did was outrageous and hilarious, which is why it’s been picked up by numerous media outlets, it will likely not result in a charge of grand theft. She will probably be forced to repay her boyfriend the $5000 and be put on probation or given a slap on the wrist as part of making restitution to the victim and admitting wrongdoing. It is unlikely that the prosecution will seek jail time for this, but what she did is illegal. It probably, however, doesn’t amount to grand theft. The prosecution will allow her to plea this down to a misdemeanor.

What’s curious about this case is why the woman had access to her boyfriend’s credit card and why he put a hold on it only to lift the hold later. There’s no doubt that any defense of the woman’s actions will dig into that fact regardless of the sensationalized coverage. If she was authorized to use the card, there may be nothing that the boyfriend or the police can do to hold the woman accountable. She will likely be looking for a new boyfriend, however.

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