Epstein Attorney had “Senior Moment”

Before his untimely death, everyone was watching the Jeffrey Epstein trial as it had the potential to take down two presidents one of whom is currently holding office. Epstein stands accused of sex trafficking, statutory rape, and a barrage of related crimes. Prosecutors say that Epstein trafficked in young prostitutes, some as young as 14 years of age, and made them available to others in his social circle.

Now, everyone in the media is scouring through Epstein’s social circle which includes former president Bill Clinton and his wife, Hillary and, of course, current President Donald Trump. Will there be a smoking gun in this case?

Epstein’s Attorney Admitting to Prostitution Charges

As part of a structured plea in Florida, Epstein confessed to solicitation charges which, of course, led to a slap on the wrist and no real justice for the victims. However, the major nuts and bolts of the case involve the claim that Epstein trafficked underage women and provided them to guests of his parties.

Reid Weingarten appeared to slip in court after a judge asked him if having sex with underage women counted as rape. Weingarten admitted that it “maybe did”. However, Weingarten’s official position is that Epstein never had sexual relations with those girls because there was never any penetration. After the mistake, Weingarten went to the media to clarify his statement and call it a “senior moment”.

The Epstein-Trump Connection

There is some indication that Trump allowed an insiders-only party at his Mar-a-Lago club that featured Epstein and a cavalcade of teenage prostitutes. Trump was reportedly warned against the party but allowed it to proceed regardless. Epstein is said to have brought 28 women to the party.

The event was organized as a Calendar Girl competition. George Houraney claims that he was shocked when he saw the guest list and that there would be a number of “underage” girls at the event along with Jeffrey Epstein. Houraney is said to have told Trump that he “couldn’t have Jeffrey going after younger girls.”

According to Trump, Epstein and he had a falling out concerning a business deal. Trump said that he hadn’t spoken to Epstein in 15 years. But at one point, he had nothing but good things to say about the man.

Is There Enough Evidence Against Epstein?

There is, but most of it will be witness testimony and victim testimony. According to Vice, 12 more girls have stepped forward to accuse Epstein of sexual misconduct. These women will form the foundation of the state’s case against Epstein.

The fear, of course, for Clinton, Trump, and others, was that Epstein will spill all during his trial to secure a plea deal that would allow him to go free sometime in his lifetime. But prosecutors have to be willing to make that deal. Generally, prosecutors go after small players to get to the big ones. In this case, Epstein is the big player. Nonetheless, anything could happen.

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