Common Federal Offenses

Federal offenses are crimes that violate federal statute and are investigated and prosecuted by the federal government. Most crimes are state crimes, and are handled by state, county, and municipal police and courts. Some crimes are both state and federal, such as drug crimes. It is important to understand the difference because federal crimes tend to come with much harsher penalties and the federal government has more resources to pour into investigations and prosecutions, and therefore they have the ability to make a better case against a defendant. That is why it is especially important to contact a skilled federal criminal charges attorney if you are being investigated for or have been charged with a federal crime.

Drug Crimes

In 2015, drug crimes were the most common kind of federal case. Drug crimes can be both federal and state crimes. A drug crime will go through the federal system when a federal agency is involved in the investigation. Federal agencies include the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Drug Enforcement Agency, Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, and others. The vast majority of federal drug crimes involve a trafficking charge, while a small amount of arrests is for simple possession. In the state system the proportions are reversed. This is because the federal government tends to be more focused on larger drug activity.

The most common drugs that led to federal charges were methamphetamine and marijuana. Crack cocaine and powder cocaine are counted separately, though combined arrests for all kinds of cocaine are a little more common than arrests for marijuana.

Immigration Offenses

The second most common kind of federal offenses in 2015 included immigration offenses. Immigration offenses include people overstaying their visas, entering the country unlawfully, and immigrant smuggling. Not surprisingly, the overwhelming majority of federal immigration offenses were committed by non-citizens.


The third most common kind of federal offense is fraud. Fraud refers to a number of different kinds of wrongdoing, including identity theft, tax fraud, and check fraud.

Firearms and Weapons

The fourth most common type of federal crime in 2015 involved crimes that involved weapons or firearms. Over half of the cases involved possession of firearms by felons and other people that are not permitted to have a firearm. Many of the other cases had to do with firearms being involved in the commission of other crimes.

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