How the State of Florida Cracks Down on Synthetic Drugs

For some time, drug manufacturers were able to get around common laws associated with marijuana. They were able to do this by creating a synthetic drug known as Spice or K2. Essentially, the synthetic drug had similar properties of marijuana, but because of existing laws, it was technically legal. For several years a person could buy Spice at a public establishment without facing any legal ramifications. While it was technically a legal form of drug, it still led to similar crimes and social issues associated with marijuana. However, over time, lawmakers became savvy of synthetic drugs and created legislation similar to those that exist for marijuana.

Not a Simple Solution

Lawmakers quickly realized the issues associated with synthetic drugs so they worked to create laws that impacted manufacturing. However, the issue was that because the drug was essentially created in a lab, any small adjustment to its recipe made it legal once again. There was no simple solution for lawmakers. However, they focused primarily on banning chemicals associated with Spice. Currently, there are numerous banned chemicals associated with synthetic drug legislation. Specifically, such chemicals have no medical use in the US. Essentially, a person cannot use the legal defense that the chemical was prescribed to them by a medical professional. These chemicals are now considered at least a Schedule 1 substance which means that they have a high probability of being associated with drug abuse.

Punishments for Getting Caught

The justice system treats synthetic drug use just as harshly as other drugs. In fact, just getting caught with the chemicals associated with manufacturing synthetic drugs can lead a to a felony charge. It is important that people understand that their attempt to mimic marijuana could potentially lead to a much more serious outcome in court. Furthermore, there are substantial physiological effects from synthetic drugs that can lead to serious health issues.

The Future of Synthetic Drugs

Lawmakers are hopeful that the most recent ban against chemicals will thwart the attempts of synthetic drug manufacturing. The concern is that the drug makers will find a way around the law by creating a new recipe that doesn’t include those materials. Not only will this mean that lawmakers have to reevaluate their approach, but people could be at risk of having a serious reaction to drugs that are made with various combinations of chemicals. Only time will tell how effective the new laws are in combatting this serious issue.

Legal Advice

Drug charges are serious in the state of Florida. If you are facing a day in court over drug-related crimes reach out to a knowledgeable attorney who can help you. Scott Skier is located in West Palm Beach, Florida. He has years of experience helping his clients work through the legal system. Everybody deserves their day in court. Reach out to someone who has the familiarity and skill to help you from start to finish. Attorney Skier is available for a free consultation.

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