What Is Considered a Deadly Weapon in Florida?

This question may seem pretty cut and dry. However, some people assume that a deadly weapon is only a gun or something else that is designed to protect someone. While it is true that the Florida law indicates that a deadly weapon includes obvious objects, the law is intentionally broad. Actually, a number of things can fall into this category. Basically, if the object is being used to create bodily harm or death for another individual, then it could be classified as a deadly weapon. Here, we will discuss some “deadly weapons” that you may not realize fall into this category.


You may not be surprised to see this on the list. However, you don’t actually have to use a knife for it to be considered a deadly weapon. Simply referencing you have one could be enough to included aggravated clauses to your charges. To be sure, any object that puts you at an advantage is most likely classified as a deadly weapon. There is no way to prove that your motive was not to seriously injure someone when you introduce another object into the fight.


Cars are big machinery. If you use your car to chase someone or drive toward them for the intent of impact, then your vehicle is no longer transportation—it is a weapon. It should be obvious that if you do make impact with a person then they will likely suffer serious injuries or even death.

Baseball Bat

This is an example of an object not designed for bodily protection, but that can be used as a weapon. If you swing a bat at a person, then you are putting yourself at a physical advantage. That one blow could kill a person or cause permanent damage. That is enough to classify this sports gear as a deadly weapon.


Yes, glass can be a deadly weapon. For example, if you use a piece of broken glass or a beer bottle to strike someone, then you are putting their life in danger with that object.

Potential Charges

If you use a weapon during an altercation, you could face serious consequences. You could be charged with aggravated assault, or depending on the specifics of the case, attempted murder. This is not something you want on your record. Think twice before you use any type of object during an altercation. The way the law is written, nearly any object could be considered deadly if the intent is there.

Legal Defense

Are you facing charges for using a deadly weapon? Know that this area of law is broad and complex. Allow an experienced attorney to help you. Contact Scott Skier for a free consultation today. He has worked as a criminal defense lawyer in the Palm Beach Area and he knows how to get results for his clients. Call him today.

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