What Happens if You Are Convicted of a Felony in Florida

Having a criminal conviction of any kind will likely prove detrimental to your record. However, a felony conviction has its own set of problems that can impact your entire life. Not only can your reputation be tarnished, but many of your rights will be stripped away. One moment, and one poor choice could mean a totally different life for you. Without proper legal defense, your mistake could mean more trouble than you deserve.  Here, we will discuss how a felony conviction can change your life forever.

Lose Your Right to Vote

A person forfeits their right to vote or hold office if they have a felony charge. Likewise, if a person holding an office is convicted of a felony, then they must relinquish their title and can never be re-elected into that position.

Can No Longer Possess a Firearm

It is illegal for a convicted felon to own a gun. If you own a gun prior to your conviction, you must give your firearm to someone who can legally own it or turn it into the Public Safety Commissioner.

Negative Impacts on Employment

Many positions require a background check. If you have a felony charge in your history, then it could mean the difference between gaining employment. Additionally, some employers aren’t permitted to hire people who have any  criminal history.

Licenses and Re-Certifications

There are a number of positions that require immediate dismissal if an individual is found guilty of a felony charge. Positions such as nurses or teachers may not be eligible to re-certify for their jobs.


If a person is convicted of a felony charge associated with the sale or distribution of a controlled substance, then that person is no longer eligible to receive government assistance for school. This includes grants and loans.


States are unable to issue the license or approval to adopt or foster children if your crime falls within certain categories including felony convictions.

Public Housing

If you receive government assistance for public housing, that could be discontinued due to your criminal conviction.


As you can see, a single felony charge can influence many different areas of your life. While many people are familiar with some of these, it may be surprising to learn just how far-reaching a felony conviction can be.  In some cases, people are wrongfully convicted or are found guilty of trumped up charges. Don’t let this happen to you. Know your rights and what you can do to protect yourself through court.

Florida Criminal Defense

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