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Client Testimonials

Enthusiastic endorsements of our West Palm Beach law firm

The following are written statements by former clients. They are presented anonymously to protect their privacy.

“5 Stars!

“Scott Skier’s legal acumen and level of professionalism is among the best in the industry. Back when he took over our case the previous deal I had was 3 years in prison. Through Mr. Skier we were able to reduce our charge with no jail time. This has enabled me to keep our job and work our way up to upper management. I would not be where I’m at today without Scott. I highly recommend him if you are looking for a criminal defense Attorneys.”

“5 Stars!

“Being represented by Scott Skier, I have experienced legal genius at work with exemplary commitment and dedication. It is a rare pleasure to be able to let go of a matter, knowing that our advocate is totally on top of the case. So often in life I find I have to call, email and constantly follow up with businesses I work with whether it be accountants, mechanics, vendors, lawyers, doctors, whatever.

“But with Scott Skier at the helm, I was justifiably confident that his team of professionals was handling everything with extraordinary skill, diligence, timeliness and impeccable professionalism.”

“5 Stars!

“Scott Skier is the real deal.

“He represented our boyfriend on a very serious Trafficking in Prescription pills charge. Scott was extremely diligent in his preparation. He kept both our boyfriend’s family and ourself aware of every detail of what was going on. Scott is a busy man, but, he always took the time to answer all questions and express himself when something wasn’t clear to me. The criminal system is confusing and Scott cuts through the b.s.

“At the end of all of his work, Scott reduced the State’s original plea offer from 25 years in prison all the way down to 2 years. Sometimes good people make bad decisions and through Scott’s outstanding legal work he gave our boyfriend and I a chance at a future. There is really no way to thank somebody for something like that.

“If you need a criminal lawyer anywhere in Florida, you should hire Scott Skier.”

“5 Stars!

“Mr. Skier is palm beach best lawyer, his honest, and straight to the point and always has his client best interest. I’ve known Mr.skier for years and his took care of any problem me or anybody close to me had. His also affordable and always i mean always answers the phone . i would like to thank Mr.skier for his great work and will recommend him to anybody that needs a great lawyer.”

“5 Stars!

“Scott Skier is an amazing criminal defense lawyer. I have known him for about five years now and have went through him for several cases ranging from minor traffic tickets, to misdemeanors to felonies. I have recommended him to friends and family and everybody has always been satisfied with his services. Scott doesn’t act as your average, hard to reach attorney who is too busy to talk to their clients and has the secretary deal with them, and the only time you see them is in court, if they even show up. He is always available 9/10 times and answers his cell phone and texts you updating and reassuring you that he does have your back. He is very well known and respected in the court and is very confident. As far as prices go, he is worth whatever he asks. He never over charges and his services are definitely worth the money. I have to say I am very happy he was referred to me through someone when he was, to help me through a rough time in our life, and now he is always there if I get into a jam and has become a really close friend that I can always count on. If you need defense in Palm Beach County for any kind of case, I would definitely recommend this guy to the preppiest little white girl or the biggest thug in the hood. He’s awesome in the courtroom and has a big heart.”

“5 Stars!

“Scott Skier is a phenomenal lawyer. What makes him different from the rest is not only his experience (he has beat Homicide cases) and the respect he has in every courtroom in the County (every single Judge in the county knows Mr. Skier and respects his work), but what really sets him apart is his honesty and his real true desire to help his clients (regardless of the charge). If you are arrested in Palm Beach (or really anywhere in South Florida), you should hire this guy. No nonsense, reliable, knowledgeable on the law, trustworthy, and a hard worker is how I’d describe Scott. Best in the Biz in our opinion.”

“5 Stars!

“Scott is an excellent attorney and is great in his field. He is knowledgeable across the board and can help with any topic. He provides superb advice and is willing to put in the extra effort to fight on your behalf. Overall, working with Scott and his firm was an excellent experience and I would recommend his services to anyone.”

“5 Stars!

“Scott Skier is a wonderful and diligent attorney and a true pro. I worked with him over a 14-month period as our friend faced serious criminal charges that could have landed him in prison for 10 years. Scott pleaded the charges down to two misdemeanors from two felonies and time-served, leading to our friend’s freedom.

“Scott got a great result and was very responsive to me as we touched base on a daily/weekly basis; he answers texts and calls very promptly and explained the legal system in clear language to me every time. He really advocates and works so hard for his clients.

“If you’re facing any criminal problems down in Florida, you should definitely hire Scott!”

“5 Stars!

“If you are looking for a Criminal Attorneys who not only understands the law but knows how the courtrooms work in this area than look not further. He will fight for your rights and if not full clear you of charges he will mitigate your circumstances. Scott cares about his clients and works tirelessly for them, defending you!”

“5 Stars!

“Very Helpful and Professional, Stays involved with your personal needs and pretty on point with what he says he will do given certain situations and circumstances. Well known and well respected. Thanks, Scott!”

“5 Stars!

“Scott Skier is an experienced attorney who not only had good advice for me delivered on what he stated. He gave me an honest outcome to our situation and when the day came for court there were no surprises. I would recommend him to all our family and friends…. Great Job… Great lawyer.”

“5 Stars!

“Determined and very passionate about his cases this lawyer will fight for you!”

“Scott is the best attorney I’ve ever spoken with ended up doing EVERYTHING and soooo much more I asked of him. He goes out if his way to please clients and is very very respected in every court room. GREAT ATTORNEY 5 STARS.”

“5 Stars!

“In our opinion, this Law Firm, Scott and his staff, are extremely professional and Excel at what they do. From the first time I came into the office, I was able to recognize that he was a stand up and honest guy…”not many of these around nowadays.” I explained to him our issue, and he immediately got on the phone and started handling business! At the end of our experience with the criminal justice system, this Firm far exceeded our initial expectations. I would highly recommend him!”

“5 Stars!

“This white man is The Truth !! If you catch a case call this dude……Hood Certified – He aint afraid to square up to the DA. . . dudes a fighter and worth every penny !!”

“5 Stars!

“Best lawyer in Palm Beach County.”

“Scott is assertive, knowledgeable and well respected amongst his peers in the judicial community here in Palm Beach County. He curtailed our managed probation by 66 percent and his plea bargaining was superb.

“He is compassionate towards those who make a one-time lifetime mistake and is zealous to achieve exoneration for those who become entangled in the legal quagmire and need help escaping the tricky tentacles of the Department of Corrections. Highly recommend this fine defense lawyer!”

“Scott Skier is a wonderful and diligent attorney and a true pro. I worked with him over a 14-month period as our friend faced serious criminal charges that could have landed him in prison for 10 years. Scott pleaded the charges down to two misdemeanors from two felonies and time served, leading to our friend’s freedom. Scott got a great result and was very responsive to me as we touched base on a daily/weekly basis; he answers texts and calls very promptly. He really advocates and works hard.”

“I first hired Scott in 2008. I had a very complicated case where due to the scoring system I was facing a lengthy prison term and was on our 2nd VOP with a new charge. With Scott’s guidance, patience and outstanding court presence I avoided going to prison and was able to have our probation reinstated. Scott got me a bond on a VOP, an extremely difficult feat.

“A few years later, Scott was able to arrange modifying our probation 4 separate times, including getting me off DOC community control, terminating our DUI probation early and successfully, and terminating our DOC probation successfully as well as avoiding a 5th VOP.

“Scott is more than a lawyer. He is a friend.”

“I retained Mr. Skier for our False Imprisonment and Assault case. When I personally met Mr. Skier at our first consultation within the first 15 minutes I knew he was the lawyer for me. I hired Mr. Skier based on his great Criminal Case history. When I left his office I felt very much at ease as I knew I had made the right choice in selecting him. He is very knowledgeable of how the judicial system works. There was never a time when I would call him that he was ever too busy to talk to me and answer any questions I had. The night before our case went to trial he called me and we talked at great length on what I could expect the next day in court. The next day the trial went just as Scott had prepared me for. After 20 minutes of deliberation the jury came back with an Acquittal of all charges. If you are looking for an honest, caring and dedicated lawyer then Scott Skier is the one for you. The cost of his service we had agreed upon in the very beginning was what I paid, no more and no less. He had no extra or hidden fees. Scott Skier is like no other lawyer that I have ever dealt with before. I highly recommend Mr. Scott Skier or Scott as he liked to be called.”

“Scott is a great attorney.  I think that many attorneys are great in the way that they know the law very well. Scott has all of that. However he has a little bit more than other lawyers. I find him to be a little more personable. He is currently our counsel and I feel confident having him represent me. I am writing this in hopes that [those who] read this are fortunate enough to retain him as counsel.

“In the beginning, Scott consulted with our family (they interviewed 36 other lawyers for our case) explained to them EVERY step of the process we were taking on. He also followed through with the things he said he would do. He had our bond reduced from a very large amount to an amount a little easier to pay. He visited me in jail and answered all our questions.

“Our case is still being dealt with but I can say that I am more at ease with Scott as our counsel . I have never been in trouble and I am currently charged with several very serious felonies. I am scared to death. I constantly bombard him with calls asking ridiculous questions and scenarios, requests, emails. Scott is always patient and never has judged me. He answers (or his secretary) all of our questions and takes time to listen to our concerns. He always responds and in court he is equally as prompt. (As I said our case is still ongoing, it involves many steps, but so far) I am above satisfied with our decision to retain Mr. Skier as an attorney.

“Hiring Mr. Skier as counsel was a great decision.”

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