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About Scott Skier

About Scott Skier

For 10 years, Scott has been representing clients in Florida criminal cases.


What To Do When Arrested

What to do When Arrested

Cooperate with law enforcement, but before speaking to anyone, call a criminal defense attorney.


Criminal Defense Law

Criminal Defense Law

Skilled legal representation is the first step in building your defense.



Palm Beach County Criminal Defense Attorney With A Proven Record of Distinguished Success

Scott Skier is an Experienced, Respected, Local Criminal Defense Lawyer Who Fights For His Clients

If you find yourself in need of a criminal defense lawyer in Palm Beach or the surrounding Counties, look no further than The Skier Law Firm.  With successful Jury Verdicts in matters as diverse as First Degree Murder to First Offense DUI, you can rest assured that I possess the necessary skills to successfully defend your charges.  I have been a practicing criminal defense attorney based in West Palm Beach, Florida for over a decade.  My calming demeanor, extensive knowledge of the law and instinctive desire to protect my clients continue to make me the clear choice for many.

Born and Raised in the Palm Beach County Legal System

I was born right here in West Palm Beach, a second-generation Legal professional.  I grew up in the Palm Beach County courthouse and am very comfortable in each and every Criminal courtroom. I am well-known and respected within the criminal justice system and have successfully defended countless clients in front of all active Palm Beach County Criminal Court Judges.

A Challenging and Confusing Process Made Less Frightening

Getting arrested can be a scary experience for anyone. Not understanding what is happening or what is going to happen can be terrifying.  I believe it is the responsibility of a criminal defense attorney to alleviate these fears while also providing a top-notch defense.  From the moment you call me, until the moment your legal dilemma comes to a successful resolution, I am there to navigate you through the criminal justice system, explaining each and every aspect of your case and keeping you informed at all times.  I describe each step of the criminal justice process in terms that you will understand so that you will know exactly what to expect at each stage.  At The Skier Law Firm, we take tremendous pride in our level of communication with our clients.

My firm handles a broad range of criminal law cases, including:

If You Have Charges Pending in Palm Beach or the Surrounding Counties: Call Scott Skier a Respected and Honest Palm Beach County, Criminal Defense Lawyer

The Skier Law Firm serves Palm Beach County, Dade County, Broward County, Martin County, St. Lucie County, Okeechobee County, Lee and surrounding Counties. I can be reached at any time at 561-820-1508 or you can contact me online to schedule your free consultation.

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