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5 Simple Tips on What to Do If You Are Arrested in Florida

Helpful suggestions from West Palm Beach criminal defense attorneys

What to do when encountering law enforcement:

  1. Always treat law enforcement with respect. Under no circumstance will it help matters to be rude or boisterous with the law enforcement officers investigating your situation. When you are under investigation all of your actions are being observed and sometimes even recorded. Don’t give them the upper hand by acting out in any way in which you may regret later on.
  2. Never speak with law enforcement officers about any topic if you believe you may be the subject of their investigation. No matter what they tell you, do not comment. Remember the line that we can all say by heart? “Everything you say will be used against you.” Why speak with anyone under these circumstances? If I tell you that anything you say I will hold that against you, why would we ever talk?
  3. Never give consent, or permission, to any law enforcement officer to allow them to search either yourself or your vehicle. If they have sufficient legal support to search either your person or your vehicle, so be it. Do not resist, and allow them to search. But never voluntarily give consent for these searches.
  4. Always gather as much information as possible if you think it will assist your case later on. If there were witnesses to your incident or arrest who may be able to express another side to the story, make sure to have their names and telephone numbers. These witnesses may be essential in defending your case. You should also do your best to document the incident. Taking pictures to preserve the scene of an incident or arrest might also go a long way in assisting the defense of the charge(s).
  5. Always consult with a local criminal defense attorney who has a reputation for fighting for the rights of their clients after being arrested. Your lawyer and their level of commitment to your case will have a significant impact on the outcome. Choose your lawyer carefully to ensure that your rights are properly protected and defended.

These helpful hints apply whether you are being arrested on charges of a misdemeanor or major crime, whether you are pulled over or served with a warrant. Being polite and courteous will always work in your favor.

If you’ve been arrested, contact a criminal law attorney with a track record for success

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