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West Palm Beach Political Investigations Attorney

A political investigation, if not managed properly, can ruin an upstanding politician’s career. While some political investigations are done with the best of intentions, other times they can be instigated as part of a smear campaign against a political opponent. In these times when our politicians are scrutinized on a daily basis by the public and the media, it’s vital to have legal representation in the case of a political investigation. At the Skier Law Firm, our West Palm Beach political investigations attorneys provide a top-tier defense for our clients involved in political investigations, representing them in congressional or other governmental committees, providing counsel with authorities, and if necessary, preparing a case for trial.

Political Investigations

A political investigation can encompass a wide range of political activities, from ethical and moral issues to potential criminal activity. Oftentimes, a criminal political investigation is intertwined with an investigation into economic crimes, such as grand theft, organized fraud, internet or computer crimes, wire or mail fraud, forgery, uttering forged documents, securities fraud, money laundering, extortion, bribery, embezzlement, and corruption. Political investigations can involve governmental bodies, congressional or executive committees, municipal entities, and law enforcement officials.

Depending on the scope of the political investigation and the accused activities involved, a political investigation can last for months or even years if not handled properly. In addition, the public relations of a political investigation can severely harm a politician and your agenda. Having an experienced attorney by your side throughout a political investigation can significantly mitigate the damage and defend you against any ethical, moral, or criminal claims.

You Need Full Scope Representation

For a political investigation, you need a lawyer that is prepared to give you a full scope of legal representation. You need a lawyer that can perform its own internal investigation into the claims of wrongdoing as well as into those making the accusations. A lawyer experienced in political investigations can also handle the public relations and media, significantly alleviating the negative press and attention surrounding a political investigation.

You also need a lawyer who can prepare you and represent you in governmental hearings, protect your best interests when speaking with law enforcement, and negotiate for you with state and federal agencies. We can help prepare you for testimony or interviews and give guidance on any written or spoken statements to governing bodies or authorities. If charges are brought following a political investigation, your attorney is there to provide legal representation for all criminal proceedings. This includes arraignment, bail hearings, trial preparation, and if necessary a full trial to ensure your rights are protected at all times.

Contact Our Office Now

If you suspect a political investigation is underway and need experienced legal counsel by your side, the Skier Law Firm is here to help you with a full range of defense representation. From ethical advice to a full-scale criminal defense, our lawyers are prepared to help you now. Contact us today or call the office in West Palm Beach to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced defense attorneys right away.

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