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West Palm Beach Mortgage Fraud Attorney

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Mortgage fraud is both a state and federal crime. Following the housing crisis of 2008, prosecutors and law enforcement agencies all around the country have ramped up enforcement efforts against mortgage fraud and related violations. Borrowers, lenders, sellers, and real estate brokers could all potentially be charged with this criminal offense.

At the Skier Law Firm, P.A., our dedicated West Palm Beach mortgage fraud attorneys are proud to be passionate advocates for our clients. No matter the nature of the allegations against you, our white collar crimes lawyers will fight tirelessly to protect your rights. To get help with your mortgage fraud case, please give our West Palm Beach law office a call today.

Elements of Mortgage Fraud in Florida

Mortgage fraud is a crime that occurs during one or more stages of the mortgage lending process. It could be on the loan application itself, during approval of the mortgage, or during the appraisal or inspection of the property. Under Florida Statute § 817.545, a person is guilty of mortgage fraud if they have the intent to defraud and:

  • They made material misrepresentations or material omissions of fact during the mortgage lending process;
  • They knowingly used or facilitated the use of materially false information during the lending process; or
  • They received financial compensation that they know is connected with a material misstatement or material omission.

Common Examples of Mortgage Fraud

In practice, mortgage fraud comes in many different forms. In some cases, both the lender and the borrower may be benefitting from the fraud. In other cases, a borrower or lender may be committing fraud at the expense of the other party. Notable examples of mortgage fraud include:

  • Unlawfully inflating property appraisals;
  • Inflating income on mortgage loan documents;
  • Using false or doctored W-2 or income statements;
  • Providing false or misleading answers on loan documents;
  • Equity skimming; and
  • Illegal kickbacks. 

Defending Mortgage Fraud Charges in West Palm Beach

Our West Palm Beach mortgage fraud lawyers are prepared to fight for your legal rights. The stakes are high in mortgage fraud cases. As this is a federal offense, the FBI or other federal law enforcement officials could quickly become involved in the case. The severity of mortgage fraud charges varies widely, from mild misdemeanor offenses to severe felonies that could result in decades in prison. Whether you are a borrower or finance industry professional, it is imperative that you seek immediate representation from a skilled white collar crimes defense lawyer.

Contact Our West Palm Beach Mortgage Fraud Defense Attorneys Today

At the Skier Law Firm, P.A., our dedicated West Palm Beach white collar crimes attorneys have the skills and experience required to defend the full range of mortgage fraud charges. If you or your family member was indicted for mortgage fraud in southeastern Florida, please reach out to our law office today by calling (561) 820-1508 to get your free case evaluation

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