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West Palm Beach Credit Card Fraud Attorney

In recent years there have been an increasing number of data breaches involving the theft of consumer credit card information. This is just part of a larger pattern of criminal activity centered around credit card fraud. From the use of devices to “skim” credit card information directly from cards to counterfeiting cards outright, federal and state prosecutors take any and all forms of fraud seriously. And if you find yourself the target of a credit card fraud investigation, you need to act quickly to preserve your constitutional and legal rights.

At the Skier Law Firm, our experienced West Palm Beach credit card fraud attorneys can assist you in mounting a vigorous defense against any criminal charges. We understand the severity of a credit card fraud conviction. That is why we will work tirelessly on your behalf, using our extensive knowledge of the law and the criminal justice system to obtain a favorable outcome.

Although new technologies that use big data and artificial intelligence have made it more difficult to steal credit card numbers and run up charges on them, there are still a number of ways resourceful people have found to steal using credit cards. It’s also true that the State of Florida takes credit card fraud very seriously. The penalties can be quite severe.

If you’ve been charged with credit card fraud in the State of Florida, you need a lawyer who understands the charges against you and the tactics that prosecutors use when trying a defendant with credit card fraud. The West Palm Beach credit card fraud attorneys at the Skier Law Firm P.A. can help you mount a defense to the charges against. If you’ve been charged with this very serious crime, give us a call or contact us online and we can begin preparing your defense immediately.

What is Considered to be “Credit Card Fraud”?

The term credit card fraud is used to describe a number of various crimes. They can include anything from stealing your parent’s credit card to creating a fake identity with which to open up a number of credit cards. The prosecution has a very wide latitude when it comes to charging people with credit card fraud. Some of the acts that are considered credit card fraud include:

  • Stealing a credit card and using it to make purchases,
  • Stealing a credit card number and using it to make purchases,
  • Using someone else’s credit card without their permission,
  • Producing a counterfeit credit card,
  • Cloning or skimming credit cards,
  • Using someone else’s personal information in order to establish a credit card,
  • Hacking into a computer system in order to steal credit card data,
  • Buying or selling phony or stolen credit cards.

Penalties for Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud ranges anywhere from a first-degree misdemeanor to a first-degree felony. It generally depends on how much money was stolen. The mere possession of a credit card or credit card information with the intent to use to commit fraud is considered a first-degree misdemeanor alone. But people are almost never charged with misdemeanor credit card fraud and if they are, it’s generally been tacked on to a greater offense, such as the manner in which the credit card information or the card itself was obtained.

Those who are accused of committing credit card fraud across state lines can be charged with federal credit card fraud. Federal charges are seldom more lenient than state charges. The federal government typically has mandatory minimum sentences and fraud across state lines can carry with it serious jail time.

Mounting a Defense to Credit Card Fraud

There may be some situations in which an individual is using someone’s credit card or personal information with their permission and are mistakenly accused of credit card fraud. More often than not, folks are caught with their hand in the cookie jar. The prosecution’s response to this is likely to be to overcharge you in order to leverage you into a bad plea. This can include charging you with multiple counts of credit card fraud for each illegal transaction you made.

Without a proper defense, you can end up facing real jail time. The lawyers at the Skier Law Firm P.A. can help you. Give us a call or contact us online and we will begin talking about your defense today.

Understanding the Types of Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud encompasses a broad range of criminal offenses. Some involve the misappropriation or misuse of an existing valid credit card. Others rely on allegations the defendant improperly manufactured or improperly altered cards. Here are some of the more common types of credit card fraud we deal with at the Skier Law Firm:

  • Making false statements in order to obtain a credit card.
  • Taking someone else’s credit card without their knowledge.
  • Intentionally using a credit card the person knows to be stolen, lost, or delivered to the wrong address by mistake.
  • Purchasing or selling someone else’s credit card.
  • Forging a credit card.
  • Signing someone else’s credit card.
  • Using someone else’s card to purchase goods or services.
  • Knowingly using an expired credit card.
  • Using a scanning device to gather consumer information from a credit card.
  • Using a reencoder to copy information to a counterfeit credit card.
  • Possessing any equipment that may be used to produce a counterfeit credit card.
  • Knowingly receiving money or payment via credit card fraud.
  • Making, selling, or lending a list of credit card subscribers (and their addresses), except when done by the credit card issuer or another legally authorized party.

Depending on the particular facts and law involved, credit card fraud may be prosecuted as either a misdemeanor or a felony. In felony cases, a defendant may face several years in prison and substantial fines if convicted. In misdemeanor cases, such as using an unauthorized card to purchase goods worth less than $100, a defendant may only receive a six-month jail sentence under Florida law.

Contact the Skier Law Firm Today If You Are Charged With Credit Card Fraud

Even a misdemeanor conviction, however, becomes a part of your permanent criminal record. That is why you must be prepared to defend yourself in court. The West Palm Beach credit card fraud attorneys at the Skier Law Firm can help. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation so we can learn more about your case and how we can best assist you.

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