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West Palm Beach Healthcare Fraud Attorney

The federal government takes healthcare fraud seriously. In fact, stories about prosecutions for healthcare fraud routinely make the national news. Healthcare fraud cases are seen as a win-win for the government, which can levy huge fines against providers while at the same time playing to the public’s perception that government waste and fraud are rampant.

If you are a doctor or other healthcare provider, you are at a high risk of being investigated for healthcare fraud. Contact an experienced West Palm Beach healthcare fraud attorney at the Skier Law Firm today.

Types of Healthcare Fraud

We handle all kinds of alleged healthcare fraud, including the following:

  • Federal law prohibits payment for referrals. For example, a doctor cannot pay money to another doctor to receive a patient referral.
  • Self-referrals. A doctor cannot refer a patient to a healthcare entity if they or a member of their immediate family has an ownership interest in it. There are some exceptions.
  • False claims. Bills to the federal government must be accurate. If inaccurate information appears on the bill, then the government can investigate you. Common errors include billing for services that were not provided or for patients who do not exist. A provider might also bill for services or equipment that are not medically necessary.
  • This is a particular type of billing fraud. The healthcare provider uses the next highest code for a service when billing, as a way of increasing their reimbursement.
  • Prescription Fraud. The government has cracked down on pill mills, where doctors give out a large number of prescriptions for narcotics. Prescription fraud violates many statutes and is a criminal offense.
  • Home healthcare fraud. This industry, along with the hospice industry, frequently issue fraudulent certifications for care. The federal government closely monitors these industries for fraud.

Penalties for Healthcare Fraud

Those convicted of healthcare fraud can face a host of civil and criminal penalties. Civil penalties can often be just as severe as criminal one, even if they do not leave you with a criminal record. For example, a civil case could result in you:

  • Repaying money to the government
  • Losing the ability to get future reimbursements
  • Barred from participating in the federal health programs

Criminal penalties you could face include:

  • A maximum of 10 years in prison for each count of healthcare fraud
  • A maximum of 20 years in prison for each count of fraud that results in bodily injury to a patient
  • A life sentence if your healthcare fraud caused the death of a patient

Not every defendant will face the maximum in jail. However, even a minor criminal penalty could make it impossible for you to gain certification in another jurisdiction. A criminal conviction can also cause you to lose standing in the community. At the Skier Law Firm, we aggressively defend West Palm Beach doctors accused of health care fraud so that they can continue with their practices.

Speak to an Experienced Healthcare Fraud Attorney in West Palm Beach

Federal investigations warrant an aggressive defense. If you or your business is under investigation, contact the Skier Law Firm now. Our West Palm Beach healthcare fraud attorneys will immediately swing into action to protect your rights. Contact us today by calling 561-820-1508.

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