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Tag Archives: Florida Juvenile Crimes Defense Lawyer


Juvenile Offenses While Being a Minority

By The Scott Skier Law Firm, P.A. |

Recently, a Lauderdale boy was charged with armed carjacking after his mother saw footage of him on the news and took him into the police department. The boy, who is just 14 years old, was allegedly part of a carjacking cohort. Another boy, who is only 12 years old, is being tried as an… Read More »


Teen Crime on Slight Rise

By The Scott Skier Law Firm, P.A. |

Teen crime is on the rise in South Florida according to NBC 2 News. Police say that during winter break there is generally a minor increase in teen crime because students are out of school. Typical crimes include petit and grand theft, auto theft, and other felonies and misdemeanors that can haunt a young… Read More »


Florida Charges Minors as Adults More Than Any Other State

By The Scott Skier Law Firm, P.A. |

A 17-year-old Florida minor allegedly fatally shot a man as he withdrew money from an ATM, as reported by Miami Herald. The defendant was charged with second degree murder. The youth had previously been arrested at least 13 times before, with the first arrest occurring when he was 11 years old. Previous charges included… Read More »


House Passes Bill to Impose Mandatory Minimum for Teenage “Sexters”

By The Scott Skier Law Firm, P.A. |

Sexting is the process of taking a pornographic image of oneself and texting it to another person. The practice has grown popular amongst a variety of age groups, and in particular, teenagers. However, what was once an act that might have called for school suspension and being grounded by a parent, may, in the… Read More »

Florida Judge Says Mandatory Minimums for Minors Unconstitutional

By The Scott Skier Law Firm, P.A. |

A Florida judge has recently ruled that mandatory minimums for minors are unconstitutional. Judge William Fuente, a judge on the 13th Judicial Circuit Court, handed down an opinion that held that mandatory minimums for minors violates the eighth amendment prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment. In order to fully understand the ruling, it is… Read More »

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