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Doctor Accused of Sexual Assault by Patient


A West Palm Beach doctor has been accused of sexual assault by a former patient. Teresa Chandler Bishop said that reporting the assault was one of the most difficult things she has ever done. Her report has led to the arrest of Dr. Saeed Khan.

Bishop went to Khan’s office for a consultation regarding a second neck surgery. As she was leaving, she says Khan grabbed her by the shirt and pulled it down, exposing her breast. He then attempted to “perform a sex act” on her. Khan then did the same thing to her other breast according to the complainant.

Bishop said that she was in shock after the incident occurred. She says that’s why she waited two months to report the incident to police. Khan has been charged with misdemeanor battery.

Khan has maintained that he is being falsely accused.

Khan Raises Consent Defense 

Khan maintains that the incident did occur, but not only was it completely consensual, it was the complainant who initiated the sexual contact. It’s unclear to what extent Khan is admitting the sexual contact occurred. Bishop has filed a complaint with the Florida Board of Medicine, but Khan continues to practice with a license.

Khan, through his attorneys, has said this is a money grab. They believe that Bishop has filed the charges as a means to get the ball rolling on a civil suit against Khan alleging sexual battery. If Khan is convicted of this crime, it will go a long way toward helping Bishop if she pursues a civil trial against Khan.

But the case will be very difficult to prove for a number of reasons. The first reason is that the only evidence that the police will have is Bishop’s testimony that Khan committed the offending act. In situations like these, police rely on other victims to step forward to bolster the plaintiff/complainant’s case. If no other witnesses or victims step forward, then the case devolves into a “he said, she said” which is what defense counsel is relying on at the moment.

Khan may still face administrative penalties from the Florida Board of Medicine. If convicted, he could spend up to a year in jail, but most likely won’t. He may be forced to pay a fine, however, with a sexual misconduct allegation on his record, several terrible things are likely to ensue.

Firstly, Khan’s reputation as a doctor would be crushed entirely. In terms of a civil suit, a plaintiff would have more leverage if they did not go to the police first and instead tried to pressure Khan into a settlement that would have a non-disclosure agreement attached. In other words, since the defendant fears exposure the most, the best play for the plaintiff is to hold onto that card. In this case, Bishop took the matter to police first, likely meaning that the defendant Khan would try to prove his innocence in a civil trial.

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