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Category Archives: homicide


Florida Man Gets Attempted Second Degree Murder Charge Reduced

By The Scott Skier Law Firm, P.A. |

A jury convicted Edwin Paul Frinks on a lesser charge of attempted manslaughter. Frinks was charged by prosecutors for attempted second-degree murder. Like all homicide cases, attempted homicide cases can be broken down into various degrees. That includes attempted first-degree murder, attempted second-degree murder, and attempted manslaughter. In this case, Frinks was being accused… Read More »


Just Because You Didn’t Kill Someone Doesn’t Mean You’re Not a Murderer

By The Scott Skier Law Firm, P.A. |

If you read that headline and scratched your head, then you’re like many onlookers of the U.S. criminal justice system to whom concepts like “felony murder” seem unnecessarily aggressive. Roughly speaking, felony murder can occur when the intent of an individual is not to commit murder, but a person dies as the result of… Read More »


Jupiter Man Found Guilty of Murder

By The Scott Skier Law Firm, P.A. |

We’ve been following the case of one Jupiter man who was accused of first-degree murder and a hate crime as his defense attorneys alleged that another young man involved with the fatal attack of a Guatemalan man was responsible for delivering the killing blow. This case is instructive for a number of reasons, and… Read More »


Tampering with or Fabricating Physical Evidence

By The Scott Skier Law Firm, P.A. |

A Florida woman killed a family of three, including the couple’s young child, while speeding at 121 miles per hour on Leroy Selmon Expressway, according to the Miami Herald. She has been charged with three counts of DUI manslaughter, DUI serious bodily injury, fleeing the scene of a crash that involved a fatality, fleeing… Read More »


Murder for Hire and Homicide Narcotics Charges

By The Scott Skier Law Firm, P.A. |

Recently, a Florida woman was kidnapped and murdered when she was mistaken for the target of a murder for hire hit, according to NBC News. The woman was reported missing by her husband from their Osceola County, Florida home. Law enforcement later learned that a plot to kill another woman went wrong when the… Read More »


Manslaughter Charges for Fentanyl Distribution

By The Scott Skier Law Firm, P.A. |

As the opioid epidemic continues to worsen, lawmakers have agreed to increase the penalties for distributing the potentially lethal painkiller that has been pushed by the pharmaceutical industry as of late. If you have been charged with fentanyl possession or distribution, or you have been charged with manslaughter due to your alleged involvement in… Read More »


Murder Using a Vehicle as a Deadly Weapon and Vehicular Homicide

By The Scott Skier Law Firm, P.A. |

The death of Heather Heyer, one of the protesters who was just recently run over by an alt-right demonstrator in Charlottesville, Virginia has shed light on a number of bills that were introduced this past year in six states, including Florida, that would provide protections for drivers who caused injury or death to protesters,… Read More »


Aggravated Manslaughter

By The Scott Skier Law Firm, P.A. |

Recently, a 25-year-old Florida man left his eight-month-old son alone in a trailer home without air conditioning, as reported by Tampa Bay Times. The trailer reached a temperature of 109 degrees inside, which killed the baby, who had a temperature of 105.6 degrees by the time law enforcement showed up. The man’s two-year-old daughter… Read More »


Evidence Used in Vehicular Homicide

By The Scott Skier Law Firm, P.A. |

If you accidentally kill another person while operating a motor vehicle, you could be charged with vehicular homicide if it is found that you were operating in a reckless manner. While most traffic collisions are caused by human error, this error is usually described by the law as carelessness, not recklessness. But what is… Read More »


Capital Felony for Murder of Elected Official or Law Enforcement Agent

By The Scott Skier Law Firm, P.A. |

A federal prosecutor was recently found dead on a Hollywood, Florida beach, as reported by CBS News. Investigators believe that he was killed by a gunshot wound to the head, or possibly another type of head trauma. While no arrests have been made and the death is still under investigation for foul play, the… Read More »

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